Monday, June 16, 2008 @ 10:43 PM
A Call to Pray

A Call to Pray for our Bro Jusslee Tan from the Emmanuel Outreach Center.
i've shared Jusslee's Condition with you in my last month's blog, A Call to Pray. and today, again pleading you to pray for Jusslee as he will be undergoing an operation tomorrow, 17th June 2008, at 8.30am. this will be a head-operation. please pray that God's presence will be very strong during his operation. and Jusslee will feel God's hand and strength in him. that God will move mightly and heal Jusslee.

let us all pray:

' Father God, we thank you for showing Yourself strong when we are weak. We thank You when we call on Your name, we will be saved, and You will be in our midst. Father even this moment, we pray for Jusslee, as tonight he is preparing himself for the operation, Your presence will be with him and comfort him and encourage him that You are there with him. as tomorrow he is undergoing the head-operation. Father we pray that Your hands will be with the doctors & nurses, Your presence will fill in the operation room, and You will pour out Your healing grace upon Jusslee's life. not only his physical body will be healed, but also his spiritual life. We thank You for his family too.. that You will take care of each of them and You love them dearly. Father, we await Jusslee's return, as he will stand to testify Your goodness upon his life and give You the glory and praise. thank You Lord for hearing our prayers. Thank You Lord for loving each of us. we want to say we love You Lord. Amen!!'

"for everytime i pray, i move the hands of God
my prayer does the thing, my hands cannot do;
and everytime i pray, mountains are removed
the path are made straight, and nations turn to You"



used to be quiet..but now QUIET NO MORE..

loving God..
loving people.. specially da Youthzz..
not forgeting Jagung(sweet corn)too..
working for God..
working for the people..specially da Youthzz..


totz of wat I wish for my Blog..
be A place ..

* to give Glory to God;
* to know me MORE
* to learn wat i've gone thru
* for encouragementz & funz
* for precious momentz
* to inspire others
* to express myself, my inner totz
... and you tell me..


"One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek HIm in His temple."
~ Psalm 27:4


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Samantha Low :)