Wednesday, July 30, 2008 @ 4:53 PM
I'm Back!!!

i'm back!! ... or i should say we're back!!
one a-zu-pa, 5 a-zu-ma, 4 a-zu-moi.. haha
besides, 'A-Zu-Ma' (aunty in korean), the rest of the names, we 'named' them ourselves.. heheh

it was really fun and had great time in Korea..
the place, the culture, the weather, the people, the environment,
the love of nature.. make me LOVE Korea..
is indeed a great, if not a better place to live..
the prayer mountain is simply awesome..
the streets in the busy city of Seoul is beautiful..
i just wish i can walk along the street every moment..
i wonder when will be the next time i place my feet in Korea again..
i went to other places around malaysia so far, i did like those places i visited, sometimes i just like how the system goes.. the scenery, the people..bla bla bla... i just like it..
but for Korea..i just love it..
dunno why.. jz love it..
if given a chance to live there.. why not.. haha.. but must must master korean first.. haha..

not goin to post in details yet.. need lotz of time to do it..
speciallly in sorting out the pictures..
goodness me.. nel and i, we have in all.. around 700 pictures
of which i've deleted a lot due to small capacity of the memory card..yet.. cant believe it..

stay tune for more updates..
thanks for dropping by to check out my blog.


Monday, July 28, 2008 @ 9:00 AM
In Korea !!!

YES!!.. i'm in the land of South Korea by now..
took a flight by Asiana Airlines on 28th Jul, Midnight
ETA is 6.45am, Seoul

i'm sooooooo excited..!! Yuhoooo!!
(can't u see me dancing? haaha)
will post more when we come back..
or whenever we have opportunities...(i doubt)
do pray for us..
pray for safe journey, adjustment of weather, water and food, foreign country, foreign language,
pray for the prayer conference, open hearts, speakers & translators,
pray for the breakthroughs & the visitation of God in each of our lives,
pray for personal encounter with the Lord as we fast and seek Him,
pray for our familes & love ones at home,
pray..pray.. keep on praying, at all times with all kinds of prayers
(ephesians 6:18)



Friday, July 18, 2008 @ 4:47 PM
Soaring High with Him

Sharing with you this song, STILL by Hillsong..

Hide me now under Your wings,
Cover me, within Your mighty hand
When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with You, above the storm
Father, You are King over the flood
I will be still and know You are God
Find rest my soul, In Christ alone
Know His power, In quietness and trust

Had our CG last night, I was asked to share the Word with the cell. The text was taken from Matt 4:12-25, message was on the ministry of Jesus, the call for the ministry (calling of the first disciples), and elements of the ministry.

As I was preparing, God has reminded me on my first encounter with Him. The time I first surrendered my life to Him, the first time experienced Him in my life. I was indeed in awe. Having the tot that I have forgotten this significant event in my life. Have I not treasure it? Yet loosing it? Not to share my battles & struggles, but again, it refreshes the memories.

Last night, I challenged the CG as how God spoke to me. We emphasized more on the ‘calling for the ministry’ where we channeled the calling to the calling of salvation in our lives. The first encounter with Christ.,. Although not all shared, not all can ‘remember’ that moment (seeing some struggling faces, hehe), in fact, God has actually challenged us to always remember D-day.

The above song came right into my mind, when we were talking about the struggles of lives. The decisions we are to make for the next path of our lives. I strongly believed that the song has actually ministered to us. when the oceans rise and thunders roar (sounds so scary, helpless, hopeless, depressing), I will soar with You above the storm (a step of faith to ‘radical’ obedient? To trust Him and sail with Him), Father, You are King over the flood (a declaration to the Almighty God), I will be still and know You are God (again another decision and acknowledgement towards the Creator, the Saviour)

Hence, we ended our sharing by encouraging one another to always always remember our first encounter with Christ. Which will indeed encourage us, strengthen us and renew our first love with Christ. It is just like whenever we face challenges in life, we should stop and look back to our past days, and all we see in our yesterdays is the Glory of God, then, there is nothing else hinders us to move on with Him. Soaring high with Him.

So my dear frens, forget anything else, remember your first encounter with Christ. Your first call. Your first love. And move on with a smile..

Isn’t God just soo wonderful.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008 @ 5:33 PM
What say you???

Date: 11th July 2008, morning

i need lil of your anticipation in this post..
tell me what did you see in this picture ??
how would you interprete from this picture ??
(there is no correct or wrong answer..jz input.. ;-) )
start writing/commenting now... hehe...thank you..
p/s will talk about my view after my korea trip


@ 5:23 PM
All Heaven Declares..

gonna let the pictures do the talking ..
on my way back from work..
sunset behind my house
another slot of time
just within 10-15 minutes.. the sun set to rest..
how beautiful it was, did i not tell you i just love sunsets?
the 'greetings' i received during the morning..

how i just love the rays broke thru the thick cloud as if cant wait to shine thru the earth with its glory...

all i need to say for these days.. is just AWESOME..
dun you agree with me that

p/s click pictures for bigger view.. ;-)


Wednesday, July 9, 2008 @ 7:24 PM
Blessed ..

Summary of what I’ve done today..

When I arrived the church this morning.. I saw Sheryl was up on the ladder trying to take down the flags.. oh no.. ‘argghh.. the guys failed me over and over again..empty promises!!’.. so quickly went and helped her.. thank God for Jekson..saw these two girls trying to take down the flags ‘dangerously’ .. haha.. he came and helped at last. Then about nine, I quickly went to keep my bag as I was due with a breakfast appointment with a lovely lady.. the breakfast went really well, and I was so encouraged and charged up. So much as the whole conversation we had, God’s presence was so strong, we shared how God really guide us and lead us to our paths, thou my path was much much ahead of hers, but all of us have stories to tell on how God’s love and faithfulness in our lives, our families, our ministries. GOD IS JUST SO FAITHFUL AND LOVELY.. I really had a good time, a blessed time today.. it started off really really really great.. :-P thanks dear.. :-) really had a good time with you.. and thank you for the lovely gifts.. you ah.. thanks..small gifts.. big heart..

Then.. I went back to office.. did some work.. gee.. nothing much really need to be done.. oh no.. ‘are you sure??’ I kept asking myself… hmm… then around 2pm, went for my dentist appointment at Klinik Pergigian Labuan.. fuyoh!! Not bad ba.. thou they treated me after 20min from my appointment time, I managed to do my fillings and summore scaling. Fuyoh, no need to make another appointment, which is just lovely. I like Dr E.. she is a beau man.. haha.. the moment I saw her shoes, I praise her for the nice shoe (really really nice..not polishing), she smiles and thanked and from there.. she treated me well.. haha..and at last I paid RM4 for both fillingz and scalingz..wuhahahaha.. so people.. PRAISE = GOOD MOOD = FAVOUR. Isn’t God great?!on my way to hospital.. i saw the scene.. is the Moon

I’ve made a few shots on my way to hospital and back.. get to spend some time praying by the sea. God.. God.. God… nothing I can express out of my heart the love and praise I have for You.

Pictures of me, syok-sendiri-ing..
taking shadows of mine...

it was about 1817 hour, i received an sms from Lydia:
'Vy, got nice cloud now...faster go take..'
she really knows me.. haha.. know my 'love'.
so, apa lagi.. ran down and took a few more shots..
new beauty shotzz.. i named 'Sunset at COHS' 'Sunset at COHS'
'Sunset at COHS'

Thank You Father for such a lovely day. A Blessed day.


@ 12:45 PM
Marking 1000 - Yea !!!!

i know you must be asking..
'wat so big deal on marking 1000 in your visitors' counter?!'
maybe not for you lor.. for me.. very lor..
(very manglish) haha
for me... is a great encouragement to me.
with this.. i would like to take this opportunity to thank you..
for reading my blog..
for the encouragement showed thru
your lovely comments and chatbox..
for quietly pass-by to check out how i have been doing..
for the prayers whispered upon my life & requests
for encouraging me by knowing that
my counter records every entry you've made..
i'll continue to mark by 2000, 3000, 4000..
(if i forget, remind me.. haha..getting old ba)


Monday, July 7, 2008 @ 4:56 PM
Steven Curtis Chapman – Cinderella

Sorry, I seem to blog a lot today..
but cant help..tis song is just awesome
I was browsing some blogs and found out about this song.. I think is lovely.
Little did I know that, after some browsing, got to know that one of steven’s girls, Maria has gone be with the Lord at the age of 5, just few days after her birthday. She died after she was knocked down by a car just right in front of her house on 21 May 2008.

So I chose to blog it just for you.

Do remember to spend time with your love ones.

here is the lyrics

Steven Curtis Chapman Lyrics
Cinderella Lyrics


@ 1:45 PM
Happy Birthday Girls..

as a CG, we celebrated Omega & Xin Yi's birthday
thanks to Nellie who baked the cake for us.
we had good time.
as usual..


@ 1:23 PM
I'm loving it...

06.07.08, Sunday

this is the best picture of the Day!!
see how the sky is slowly darken, and the 'red' rays slowly subsides

try to capture from the other angle.. but.. blurry lagi blur.. haha

the time difference between first picture and this one was just about 2-3 minutes.. all gone.. 15 minutes later, the sky was already dark..

it was truly truly a good sunday.

after had a couple of games, as usual, i was outside taking a walk. seeing the guys playing basketball.. today, seems like they left for home early. by the time i was outside, left 2 boys, 2 men, 2 girls.. haha.. so was there talking to the girls. they made me promise promise something.. haha.. apalar.. i dun simply promise ok?

then as i looked up the sky.. i was like ... *speechless* my mouth dropped wide open.. (dun imagine that..haha).. i was telling ling2..'look at tat! awesome!! ' soo awesome.. then they asked me to grab my camera (not mine lar). .. then i was seen running around like a mad woman.. car key was in the hall.. i ran as fast as i could.. get a teng to join me.. by the time i went to the car, took the camera, 'oh noooooo... it is gone... ALL GONE.. ' 'aduh!' i managed to capture the 'tail' of it only.. haiz.. sad case.. but.. i am equally thankful to God, for such a Wonderful Maker, such a Awesome Painter..

i'm loving it...

p/s really really must saved up to get a camera liao.. beh tahan liao.. haha.. how i wish i can hang a camera on my neck, capture every second of His creation..


@ 11:04 AM
Depression is addictive!?!?!?

(promote a bit)..
I like watching the news show, 新闻报报看@ AEC, 10.30pm. every weekday.
Basically the show summarized the news of the day. Besides the local, overseas news, it covers entertainment mildly too. Which, for a lazy reader like me, is good... ;-) I enjoy the show as the reporters, or the Hosts are pretty good in presenting it, not like serious- serious type of reporting, but sometimes.. it has ‘sarcasm’ in it too.. so it really show that there is ‘freedom’ in speech.. :-P.. of coz at times we need wisdom to judge. Sometimes they debate. So They are really good.. hehe (btw it is in Mandarin ya.)

So it was a few days ago, I was sitting in front of the TV, watching the show. The last part of the show is always entertainment & researches. So the hostess was saying that ‘Research shows that men, as in human, enjoy depression, they enjoy the feeling being sad & depress’

let me try to explain to you. It was said that the doctors, psychologists and those who do researches are trying to find remedy to help those who are under depression. In their findings, to our surprise, those who are under depression do not wish to come out from their depression, simply because, they have actually enjoy being depress. (I hope I get it right lar.. haha..)

eg. The patients enjoy being sad for the lost of their love ones. In their mind, there is this message telling them that ‘if you are not sad, you do not actually love them’. So, initially they are sad because of the lost, then.. they are sad because, their mind told them that they should be sad, after that.. they practically enjoy being sad, just because, they already very used to being sad. so SAD isn’t it? Of cause the show told us about our left or right brain thingy in details.. but who cares..bottom line.. we actually enjoy depression? Oh goshh…weirdo.

When I think of it, like it or not it is true lor. Thou I hate to say we are weirdo, but, ya lor.. coz ah.. I see those who fall into love-hate relationships, they actually like to dwell in it so much that at the end of the day, it became like ‘bondages’. Many young people, specially those involve in boy-girl relationship, if the relationship doesn’t work out, they either feel bad, sad, depress and feel like the whole world has failed them and became hopeless. Even to the point of death. OR. They are very fast up to the next relationships, seeking someone else to fill up that emptiness, not because they wan to be healed from sadness? but actually it is just because of something else. Something gotta do with the ‘depression’. I bet young and old alike. And of coz there are some minorities.

Speaking from experiences. The danger of being depress is as you dwelled so long in your depression, it become very part of your life. And when you decided to walk out of it.. you are having real hard time, because, tat ‘depression’ part has gone empty and you feel helpless. And it takes real courage and much effort to stand up and start walking again.

What is it like in situation like this if we have no God in our lives? Without God, there is no this ‘Ivy’ here today.

God can fill up the emptiness in us.
God is the God of Hope for the hopeless.
God brings comfort to those who mourn.
God is our strength to stand up once again.
God saves. God cares. God encourages
Thank You Lord for picking me up, cleaning me from my mess and holding me in Your hand to walk this life according to Your will. Amen!

Depression: Psychiatry. a condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal; sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted by any objective reason. 抑郁,使沮丧


Friday, July 4, 2008 @ 1:03 PM
I Miss You...

I miss you
whenever I passed by the place
I miss you
whenever I heard & saw your name
I miss you
whenever I have nothing to think about
I miss you
even though I know I should not
I miss your voice..
I miss your laughter..
I miss your presence..
I miss you
Because.. I love missing you..



@ 10:01 AM

Picture: i chose this because it looks similar..
except.. i was holding a cup of milo
except.. i was walking up the staircase
except.. the drink spilled further than the food
except.. i wasnt 'pok kai' like tat..
except.. i am a girl..

Hahaha.. yea.. it was just this morning.. decided to blog it straight away since it is still fresh in my mind.. right before 8.45am..
As usual I went down to the pantry, prepare to make myself a milo.. boiled the water.. went up to get my favourite cup.. filled in whatever I want for my morning milo.. yea! Fill in the HOT BOILING water too. Then I brought it up to my office to enjoy it.. haha
As I was walking up.. even before, my mind was full of stuffs.. wat I wan to do this morning.. wat the Lord is telling me this morning.. how I gonna mobilize the Youth camp, the homework I need to do for my BK today.. think think think…. Oh dear!! I TRIPPED on the staircase.. like a ‘dai fan shu’ (big potato).. OH GOSHH!!!!.. my lovely favourite glass was broken…. My MILO was ALL OVER the staircase… *crying out loud*..衰到…aduh..
The admin office tot what happened and found out the mess I’ve made.. wahlao eh.… as I went to clean myself.. my oat was on my hair as well.. WAHLAOOO…all over leh.. aduh… but thank God I did not cut myself.. but my cup.. *sob sob*.. then I went to do wat Martha (our office cleaner) needs to do every morning.. doink doink doink… mop the floor.. haiz.. wasted my first hour of work.. wakaka…. But still ok… coz Martha wasn’t here until next month I guess, went to give birth.. so I cleaned up the staircase lor.. tat’s my contribution of the DAY.. haha… today got guests come leh.. wuhuhuhu….

Till then..


@ 9:50 AM
July Birthday

2nd – Lydia C (Lbn); Brook Anne (KL)
5th – Wilbur Y(Lbn)
6th - Omega Pan (Lbn)
7th – Lily Y (Spore); Fui Jin (Lbn)
10th – Jacqueline Tse (KL)
11th – Grace Liaw (KK); Xin Yi (Lbn)
15th – My dear lovely Papa (Lbn)
16th – Jenny Lam (KL)
17th – Jefferson Then (KL)
18th – Dore Dore Kong (Lbn now)
19th – Lee Fang (Lbn)
20th – Xiao Siong (Lbn)
21st – Vincent Chong (Lbn); Jesmond (KK)
23rd – Fei Fun (Lbn now)
24th – Rusni I (Lbn)
26th – Edwin Mau (KK)
27th – Mary Tu (Lbn); Aunty Bella (KL)
28th – Joshua Chong (KL)
29th – Jessie Ho (KL)

FUYOH!!! Imagine if I were to get each of them a gift.. I’ll….. I dunno how to express.. did i miss anyone of you in my list? please let me know ya.. anyway please forgive me if I did not reach you on your B-Day.. please know that my prayers will surely be with you all.. I would want to take tis opportunity to thank you for the friendship you’ve shared, and I really treasure it. Love You All!!

My prayer for you this day..
Heavenly Father, I thank You for giving me friends along the path of my life. I thank You for each of them, thank You for the friendship they have shared with me… Father as this month they will be celebrating their birthdays, I pray Lord that You will bless each and every one of them specially, bless them richly, abundantly. Grant the desires of their hearts. Bless them with good health, lovely families, prosper the works of their hands. For those who have not come to know You, show Yourself to them Lord, that they may come to Your saving grace. Thank You Lord, for You are a faithful and ever loving God. Bless You Lord. Amen!



used to be quiet..but now QUIET NO MORE..

loving God..
loving people.. specially da Youthzz..
not forgeting Jagung(sweet corn)too..
working for God..
working for the people..specially da Youthzz..


totz of wat I wish for my Blog..
be A place ..

* to give Glory to God;
* to know me MORE
* to learn wat i've gone thru
* for encouragementz & funz
* for precious momentz
* to inspire others
* to express myself, my inner totz
... and you tell me..


"One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek HIm in His temple."
~ Psalm 27:4


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