Saturday, May 31, 2008 @ 5:20 PM
oh..What a Trip..

just came back from the Conference.. and here am i in the office.. doing last minute printing and designing of forms for the upcoming COHS Family Day on 22 June 2008. DEAD!

my mind was literally stuck right now.. maybe is the Novamin (motion sickness pill) i took before the bus ride from KK to Menumbuk. and i'm hungry too.. haiz...or mayb is jz sumthing else.

the trip to KK was not bad afterall.. the stay in Imperial Hotel was ok.. kiinda like the settings and the reno. too bad.. camera to take pictures and show you all.. later will check out with some aunties and see whether they took any of the hotel pic. as some of you mite know, i'm facinated by lines.. lines designs..anything with lines.. is my love.. the hotel's carpet was LINES.. the lift wall papers was LINES.. hehe.. look so good.. but one thing definitely bad about that hotel is..BAD SERVICE.. gee.. tat is the worst hotel so far i've met in terms of service... haiz.. Improve ler.. anyway.. I JUST LOVE LINES..

during the trip..

1. one bad news..
fiona left without saying goodbyes.. she gave us wrong date of departure. i bet she doesnt wan to see any of her good frenz shading tear of goodbyes. i know is a hard decision to do too.. but no matter wat my dear.. we will still miss u.. eventhou the days are short.. only few months.. yet i still gonna miss you.. miss playing badminton with you.. miss talking to you about bloggies.. miss sharing & laughing with you.. guess have to wait for next year lor.. hehe.

2. one surprise sms
out of no way, someone sms and said he hate me because i can get out of labuan during holiday season, because he cant do so.. tat left me *speechless*.. haha.. and funny too.. i wonder wat's wrong with Labuan.. so that pathetic meh? cant even draw 'interesting' things to do from here? that teruk ah? maybe you got no frens to layan you.. haiz.. i love Labuan lor.. is my home..wat do u mean? hehe.. funny..

3. one more surprise
we were at the same hotel with the Keaamatan Beauty Peagant. fuyoh!! they are hot.. hehe.. beautiful i must say..
and this morning.. i decided to go for egg omelette during breakfast time (provided by the hotel), i blur blur went it.. and guess what.. it is my cousin, Reynold aka Enon. i wasnt sure at first.. i jz took the egg and left for my breakfast..until Chris told me is my cousin.. blur oh me.. then before i left to check out from the hotel, i went to say hi and apologied for being so 'cold' hehe. tsk.tsk..tsk..

4. amazing
at the last day of the conference, ie yesterday. 600++ of us (chi/eng) took a road trip down to Telupid (abt 4 hrs drive frm KK.) whole day of travelling..jz to be there to celebrate the 50yrs of SAIM (sabah anglican interior mission?? not sure someting like tat.. hehe). it was amazing.. the BM side were more than 5,000. when we were there.. tents were pitched everywhere. summore they mandi sungai one.. wah.. sounds syok.. tapi.. i dunno how i would take it..hehe..i guess it's fun.
so.. ya.. like usual.. i was sleeping during the whole trip, NOVAMIN rocks.. haha.. cant afford to have motion sickness.. during our way back.. the area was pitch-dark. those who went on the bus supposed to walk a 10min walk out to get the bus bcoz of the traffic. but they din give us correct, a few of us led by ps david went the wrong way. by da time we were told, we were like walking 7-8 mins liao.. wah.. patah balik.. some buses already left...while walking in pitchdarkness road i looked up to the sky.. gee..soooooooooo beautiful.. the sky was just FULL OF STARS.. so clear.. so amazing.. i took the chance to smile, pray and praise Him for such a wonderful picture in my mind (bamma..again no camera.. ishh), abt 10min b4 11pm we headed down to KK.. the bus driver flies the bus.. every corner, every straight road, he jz speed all he could.. wow.. amazing.. even in my sleep i felt tat.. really really need to thank God for, with this. instead of a 4 hr drive.. he only took 3hr10min.. and we were the first team to arrive.. wahlao.. gilar oh.. by the time we reached all saints it was around we din wait for the rest we walked back to hotel..15min walk in a dark streets. wat a nite. in da morning another team told us they arrived at 4.00am.. much difference.

yea... oh..What a Trip i've got..

cant wait for the next trip.. tat's this monday. i hope is a more relax one.. i really nid that.


Friday, May 30, 2008 @ 12:13 AM
i'm so lost

oh i'm so lost
i hate it when he gave me a sudden sms
a sms that will make you smile all day long
i hate it when i gave him a sms
a sms that will never get his reply
oh...what happen to me?
why am i waiting?
why am i so lost?
why does his sms make me miss him so?
why am i missing his smile and jokes?
why does my heart say like wise?
oh... what happen to me?
i have so much to do..
i have so much to focus..
is tis the time for it??
what say You Lord?
i have so much to think..
i have so much to plan..
but i cant.. oh i'm so lost...
i'm crying inside..can you hear it?
i wish i could have it..but can i?
God!! are You there?
take tis lost from me Lord
that i may focus on You and wait on You.. and rest in You

and i heard..
'tneehhhhhhhhhhhhh......................' (sound of DEATH)..


@ 12:05 AM
i'm out of town

hi.. presently out of town..

in KK.. attending the Diocesan Mission Conference.. today is already the 2nd day.. tomorrow morning we will be out going to Telupid.. beginning out journey at 9am.. is going to be a long long day..we are scheduled to arrive at KK from Telupid on Saturday Morning.. 2AM.. yea..loong loong day rite.. but i'm still here..blogging...

going back to Labuan on Saturday, 31st May.. but on monday, 2nd June.. i'll be in KK again.. attending the Penataran Bible Knowledge.. tis time round i really cant online.. and will blog when i'm back to Labuan on the 5th then...

stay tune....


Monday, May 26, 2008 @ 1:17 PM
I shall not be in want

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not be in want. (Psalm 23:1)

I’ve been struggling for the past 2 months about attending a Prayer Conference in S. Korea in July. These few months all I’m thinking is SAVE..SAVE..SAVE.. of coz I need to save for the trip and also equally looking forward to. But my biggest problem is right now.. I dun even save enuf for the fare.. I’m so short from it.. wat more pocket money. By the rate of my saving, I couldn’t make it to July. My hands and feet are tight up by the finance. The other side of me was telling me it was a mistake to sign up for it. haiz.. one close fren said..’go and ask for sponsor ler’ I was liked ‘huh? but how?’ I really dunno.. I jz wanna trust the Lord, rest in Him. Even if when the day comes, if I still have not enuf, I’m ready to cancel the trip. (inside my heart: NO PLEASE..!!) hahahahha

This morning the Lord, in His still small voice reminds me of what the psalmist said ‘the Lord is my Shepherd, and I shall not be in want.’ Even thou the devotion is talking about being a good, courage, compassion shepherd/leader, leading the lost & hurt.. My mind stuck only on ‘I shall not be in want’..because I’m deeply ‘in want’.. and this has encouraged me that once again I need..really really need to trust in the Lord for His provision. I do not know how He will do it. Drop some cash into my accounts.. haha.. or touches hearts to bless & give. But honestly I’m really looking for the miracles.. hehe.. but even there is none… yet, I will praise Thee..


Saturday, May 24, 2008 @ 6:14 PM
New 'Pet', New Interest

Aiyo.. i've said sooooooooooo many times i want lil baby tortoise as pets.. but oh.. aduh.. soooooooooooo long i wait.. i find.. and either not nice lar.. or too expensive.. i think.. tis is like.. since last year i have been saying that..haiz.. dun ask me why i wan baby tortoise.. i dunno.. i tot.. hmm..mayb is the easiest pet lar.. no need to take care so much.. jz provide water and some food tat's all.. then.. many said.. very smelly de tu.. not easy de tu.. adoi... break my spirit only.. hehe..cute ba.. no meh? haha

so.. tis morning.. don, ka seng, ahteng & i went for breakfast.. so kaseng and i stopped by the PasarTani to see see look look.. and i was fasinated by the cactuses sold there.. the aunty has lotz of cactus.. so nice.. but so small.. hehe.. and summore she said ALL cactuses will bloom one.. showed us some flowers also.. hmm.. ok.. let's try it.. we each bought one.. haha..mine very small plant.. but dunno when will it bloom lar.. i think is going to take a looooong time.. haha.. pray pray tat it will grow fast and bloom fast..wakaka.. so..byebye baby tortoise.. welcome cactus.. hehe
SEE?? nice leh.. haha.. the other one.. i rescued one.. almost die, but i gave it a chance to live.. wei da.. ;) my cactus like got a lot of babies.. everyday i will see to it to grow.. then..whoever interested..ask from me.. i'm willing to share.. but have to wait till it grow a bit first lar.. hehe..


Thursday, May 22, 2008 @ 5:35 PM
New Look

yea.. finally is the right word.. i got the guts to cut my hair
i cut off the 'tails' that was with me.. eh.. close to 2 months now..
i also wonder why i cut.. maybe tired of how i look like
i hope this is ok now.. some doesnt like it.. some
apparently quite happy about it..
me? i dunno oh.. u happy i happy lar..
new look.. new resolution.. new hope.. new vision..
simply... ivy..aka miss sweet jagung


@ 11:24 AM
A Call to Pray

Picture: Diocesan Chinese Youth Camp 2006. 天国一族
(Jusslee is the one with cap. oh no.. i look slimmer here.. doink!)

I received an sms about 7 in the evening last nite, a prayer request for our dear brother, Jusslee. The sms was from his brother Jeffrey, requesting us to pray for Jusslee who has been not well for the past couple of weeks. Jusslee went thru an operation 2 years ago. Head operation, I think. He and his brother came to the Lord through the ministry of Emmanuel Outreach Center. The Lord has been faithfully watching over him for the past 2 years. Recently he suffers dizziness and unable to eat well. Which is not really encouraging. He is now in KK seeking for further checkups.

The messages:
Jeffrey : Pls pray for my brother Jusslee coz that unhealthy condition come again. I hope you can tell more people to pray for him. Thanks for praying for my brother.
Ivy: will pray and also get the youths to pray too. Please help me tell your brother tat we all are praying for him. And he needs to be strong in the Lord. And you (jeff) too be strong for him and your parents. The Lord will always be with you all. Amen

Right after that, I sent messages out to the youth leaders to pass down the news to their members and request them to pray for our brother.

Let us pray for our brother.
Father God, we thank You for You say that You are God our Healer. We thank You for Your promise that as we come together in one heart and mind to pray for our brother, Jusslee, You will hear our prayers. Lord, heal Jusslee, we ask, You know he is not well, I ask Lord, You take away the discomfort in him, move Your hands, heal him Lord.. that he may recover real soon and come back to Labuan to testify that You are God his Healer. Lord, in Jesus’ name. We speak life to his life. We speak blessings to his life. We speak healing to his life. We pray for his family, for his parents who have not come to know You, that they will acknowledge that You are God of Life. That they will turn to You and call upon You. That they may come to know Your saving grace. Send Your love to dwell in this family even right now Lord. For all Glory and Honor belong to You..and You only. Thank You Lord. Love You Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Jusslee: thanks ivy for praying.
Ivy: You’re welcome. The youths are praying for you. Jia You oh. Rest Well
Jusslee: ok. Amen. I’ll see you in church.

I’m encouraged to received sms from Jusslee himself. I know that God is at work.
Brother Jusslee… GAMBATEH!!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008 @ 5:32 PM
All Heaven Declares..

It was indeed a long holiday..

Muscles of my hands and legs are aching due to the Sunday badminton. Gee.. it has been like sooo long I did not play badminton..about 8 months? I managed to play only 1 game (2 matches). Went out to see the guys (youths). Sat down with them, talking to them before they went home. Thou while outside with the youths, I will miss some badminton games, I think is ok..coz I just love that feeling. The feeling to be among the youths, able to laugh with them, joke with them.. kacau-ing them..yakking with them.. haha. I wish I can play basketball with them, but I am just too lousy to basketball with them. Haiz.. nevermind.. given a chance I want to overcome it. With some specially help and training of coz.. haha..

Finally, I made Quiche on Monday. Tuna Quiche of coz.. super easy ingredients. just love it. Going to explore more on own recipe soon. Pray that it will turn up good. Hehe. Treat me well, I might send one to let you try.. haha..

These few days, the sky was just too beautiful.. the blue sky.. the purple sunsets.. wow!! Awesome.. Even the skies just praise You Lord..

Picture: by Ah Teng.. taken in Labuan one ok.. hehe.. appreciate it

All heaven declares the glory of the risen Lord
Who can compare with the beauty of the Lord?
Forever He will be, the Lamb upon the throne
I gladly bow the knee, and worship Him alone

I will proclaim the glory of the risen Lord
Who once was slain to reconcile man to God
Forever You will be, the Lamb upon the throne
I gladly bow my knee, And worship You alone


Saturday, May 17, 2008 @ 5:56 PM
God You Are Just Too Good

Remembered how i said it so many times that i missed the sunset for the past two weeks?
Remembered how i said that the best thing i heard on Thursday was the Typhoon is soon gone?
Remembered how i said that i've lost the smile...?

Today, i was asked to be a Tour Guide (a lauzy one of coz) for a group of visitors from Good Samaritan Church, KK. So, after worship practise, i went to meet up with the group. apparently it was organised by the Women's Fellowship of GudSam. there's about 40 of them. Young and old.. recognised a few youths whom i've seen in the Diocese Camps before, but i dun think they know me.. haha
So, we had lunch..went to the Marine Park, visiting some fishes.. we went to settle their accommodation, then off we go, drive round the island.. but those aunties & uncles are just too tired to enjoy the sceneries.. they slept in the bus. doink.. haha.. but anyway..we end up at Layang-Layangan.. wat else? SATAY LAGI!!!!.. haha.. yupe.. this time.. i only ate ONE STICK .. one ok? haha.. i'm surprised tooo.. but.. i jz too full to have another stick.

the Sky was soooooooooooooo beautiful today... when i see the sun, getting readied to set.. thou still a long way..coz is only 5pm.. i was in AWE.. i thank God for His love for me.. the love that He is showing to me thru the sunset.. today's weather is just PERFECT.. a bit hot..but i love it. and i looked at the sun.. the sea.. the flowers in Marine Park.. i smiled and gave thanks.. too bad i dun have a camera with me.. coz Tina brought it to JB. otherwise i could have just snap the pictures and post it here.. but.. is ok.. i gonna treasure it in my heart..

God.. thank You once again for revealing Your Love to me thru the nature. i always think i'm not worth it..but You said likewise. This little request of Your servant.. You've just grant it. Oh God.. You are Just too Good.. and i'm so in love with You. Thank You Father..


@ 9:32 AM
My Devotion

just wanna share with you a song that is on my mind
for the past few days, in fact.. it is still humming in my mind...

Artist: Youth Alive
Song: To live is Christ

I make a vow
My life will always honour Christ
Whether I live or die
I belong to Him
He bore my sin
I owe this life to my saving King

Hallelujah, I am not my own
You are in control

For me to live is Christ
And to die is gain
No matter what price I pay
I choose to give this life away

Only by the cross I am saved


Friday, May 16, 2008 @ 6:11 PM
Radical Obedient!! is all i need

picture: by ah Teng..i love it!!

I went to Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan for their orientation night.
It is a night where the leaders of Churches are invited to come and meet up with their students. Meaning to say, the Anglican leaders meet up with the Anglican students, likewise with the Roman Catholic, Basel, Methodist..etc.. and also the Buddhist and the Muslim too.

So, there we were, led by Rev David W, we met up with more than 2,300 new intake students who are Non-Muslims. Of which there were 141 students are Anglicans. So, led by Bro Ding or Mr Ding (as how they called him in KML), we went to a lecture hall and had some briefing.
Very obvious, some students were pretty excited to meet us, or to go to church on Sunday, but some.. nah.. not participating at all. I pray that all of them.. 141 of them will come to church this Sunday and be excited about it.

I was pretty happy when I saw Ronnie in KML.. yea! My man!! Hehe.. dunno why but I’m so excited... so glad that Ronnie is able to enter KML. And my prayer goes to God that He will use Ronnie in a special way that in these 10 months of KML, Ronnie will grow into maturity in serving God and loving His people.

Is 6pm now.. soon I’ll be heading home. I’m pretty sad, as I’ve not been seeing sunset for more than a week now. The sky seems so gloomy, and so is my heart. This whole week.. I’ve been finding hard on something I can smile to.. I looked to the sky.. no sunset.. no pretty cloud.. trees tumbang, dying.. flowers don’t seem to blooming..and my heart seems troubled. Where is the Joy Lord? Where? I was blinded. I cant see it.

Oh there are so many decisions I need to make. In a very short time. My heart troubled because I’m confused whether it is either an open door from the Lord, or it is just another door to distract my focus. Both are good. Seem so good. But are both beneficial? I do not know. That’s the question I’ve been asking the Lord the whole week. Whether is time to move? Or just sit and wait. Oh I want the passion back Lord!!

Father Lord, teach me to obey, even radically, give me wisdom to know, grant me grace to discern and mercy to act upon. Amen.


Thursday, May 15, 2008 @ 5:45 PM
The Tail of The Cyclone

We are now experiencing the 'Tail' of the Cyclone or Typhoon.
you name it.

a view after rain. behind my house.

Unpredictable weather..
Sudden Strong wind..
Sudden Heavy rain..
Trees blown down..
by the houses.. even
in Church the fence was destroyed
Many having flu, fever, coughing..
Hearts are heavy..

Best thing i heard today this.. by Saturday, tat is 2 more days to come, this will be over. and pray tat this will only go vanish...destroys no more, kills no more..

watch over us when we are driving in this time
watch over us when we are asleep or awake
watch over our love ones too
relieve those who are in pain
give hope to the hopeless
comfort to those who mourn
for You are in control of all things..
and to You only Lord, i adore & praise.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008 @ 4:32 PM
An Update

here comes my updates.. hehe.. another long winded passage as many claimed.. i hope not.. come on.. is 3 days updates oh..give chance ler..hehe

Church was great. Was encouraged to see many new frens turned up(specially the children’s parents). And upset with those who did not. sad. haiz.
After Church.. remembered I need to meet up a invite her to our CG tis Thursday.. so rushed to tea fellowship to catch her.. haha.. so excited.. yea!!
After lunch.. after talking to a fren, I was full of thankfulness. It is indeed a great joy to see someone who is passionate for the work of God. But when the rubber hits the road.. it is always painful experience.. but at the same time we experience grace and love from the Saviour..for this I rejoice and thank God for those who persevere in serving the Lord. For JOY they shall receive one day.. hehe
Evening.. Had a great time having Mothers’ Day dinner at Granny’s.
About 15 of us, cousins & aunties & uncles and Granny gathered to have western food last nite. oh Happy Day!!

Woke up in d morning to find out that Nel actually drove herself to the A&E 6am due to her asthma attack. Was a bit upset coz she did not call us to send her. Later she told me her asthma spray already expired, so that’s why she made tat move. So I went to the hospital pharmacy with her to take a new spray, meanwhile she taking her MC from A&E. gee so many people in the pharmacy, was there at number 13, my giliran (turn) is 30.. doink.. waited for almost for an hour. But am glad that I was there with her.
Evening.. we had Interchurch Prayer Meeting, sempena Global Day of Prayer. It was a great turned out, was quite encouraged in fact. Thou most of them are our own church members (which I am thankful about) but there’s still many from other churches. When brothers dwell in unity in prayer the Lord shall command blessings and pour out His blessings, life forevermore. Finished around 10pm. The rain + wind was so strong.. I was literally wet as I traffic some to their cars with small umbrellas. But I thank God I’m fine.. and sooo glad to serve.. hehe

Sleeping day.. Drama day..

Outside wind sooooooooooooo strong now.......... oh no...i wan to go home.. i'm scared!


Monday, May 12, 2008 @ 11:28 AM
Laughter the Best Medicine

A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22

so people.. laugh.. laugh.. laugh.. is good for you.. :-)

A specially thank Adrian and Karen to take up the courage to do this.. indeed you both have made Youth Alpha 2008 a very Special that we will always remember. hehe. and also KaSeng for recording this so tat i can post to share in my blog. hehe..


Saturday, May 10, 2008 @ 6:19 PM
A Prayer for My Mama

The sun wasn’t there when I was driving home yesterday.. it was 10min passed 6pm. It’s a bit gloomy evening. These few days I’ve been driving home after work enjoying every scene, praising God for His wonderful creation. I just love seeing sunsets. There were a few times, I was like so eager to drive all the way to the beach to enjoy the beauty. But I didn’t as I have evening ministries. Last night, I have nothing on, the sun wasn’t there for the ‘closing’ ceremony. Sad. I went home none of my siblings were home. Only my parents watching ‘Spirit of Love’ .. haha.. still faithful following the series..

Kinda bored at home. So quiet, not really used to it… start wondering, what I’ve been doing for all the Fridays I come tonite no plan de? Hmm.. But had a good time talking to mom. At least I spent quality time with her, laughed with her.. Due to work, really had little time with her. What more spending quality time with her. Eventhou we live under the same roof.

Lord, as tomorrow is Mother’s day, I pray that You bless mama with good health, more joy, that she will one day come to Your saving grace, that she one day will have You in her life, and dad too.. pray that mama has strength to continue to move on in her life that she will be come a blessing to her husband, her children, her grandchildren one day.. and also those who come to know her... and all will call her Blessed because of You. Thank You Lord for mama.. thank You for giving us mama. Love You Lord. Pray also to all the mothers in this world.. that they will have the fear of the Lord in You and will experience Your Love. Amen.

Happy, blessed Mothers’ Day to all the mothers I know..
“Her children arise and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her”
~ Proverbs 31:28


Friday, May 9, 2008 @ 5:49 PM
As for me and my house..

Gee.. today is like suddenly super busy.. weekend is tomorrow, Sunday is 1 day from now..and I still blur blur. So blur blur.. argghh..

Quick updates!!

I forgot to tell you this. Thurs night, around 10.30pm, after work Tina came home and said she needs to go to the hospital. We were like ‘huh?!’ It was her rashes again.. haiz..dunno how many times she has to go thru this. The rashes was so bad that it actually spots all over her body and so so itchy.. kashiang oh.. so around 11pm, Nel and I with her headed to the Emergency Wad. Hmm.. rather quiet, which is a good good thing. We waited awhile and then came a guy, I think is a medical officer, checked her and gave her a jab. And headed home to sleep. Thou Tina is ok now.. recovering. But still got spotz all over her body.. poor thing.. Lord I pray that You heal Tina completely and she may not suffer from this anymore . in Jesus’ name. Amen

Last nite’s CG was great. We had all the fun and laughter. We shared and learned from one another. It was great I must say. I had a good time.
The topic for the night was.. ’As for me and my house’ yes, taken from Joshua 24. Cell leader asked us ‘what kind of family do you wan to build?... hmm.. interesting.. Among us, there are 2 married couples, they both shared that the foundation of faith, and Christ being the cornerstone of our families is really really important. Some shared without Christ, you just cant have anything to lay hope trust in.. it was a time for us to really think about our faith once again. Yea. Without Christ, it is just equal to NOTHING.
I remembered a mother shared with me about parenting. She said at young age, our kids go to church, but when they grow, even thou they mite leave the church, but one day they will still come back to their foundation (faith of their young age). To some extend I would believe so, coz I dun think my God will leave that person behind unless he renounced Him. Father have mercy, draw them back to You I pray. And give me encouragement as I serve this young generation. Another youth shared that her parents will always make sure that they will do devotion together every night. Rain or shine. I was in total awe. And sometimes really feel embarrass for my lack of discipline in doing my devotions. For me, this is what God has shown me and teach me.

Come back to the question, what family would I want to build?
I pray, one day, I would want to have a family that will love God, serve God, worship God and a family that will make Him known. I dun think there’s anything else that is more important than this. Maybe it is too ideal.. but I pray that God will be pleased with my family and that my family (my husband my children and myself) will put a smile on His face. That will be soooo wonderful. Father, You know it is not easy to have a family like this.. but Lord I pray, grant this desire of Your daughter, thru rain and shine, laughter and tears, joy and hurts, we will be a family that pleases You. Prepare me now Lord. Amen.

Oh Lord, I’m so blessed to have You as my God, my Saviour, my Father, my Family and my Friend. How could I live without You? How would I survive without Your love? I just cant stop loving You Lord.. and this is my devotion to You.


Thursday, May 8, 2008 @ 3:18 PM
Happy Birthday ah Yih..

this is what happened when the Zone Supervisor was not around!!!
hahha.. nasib cell leader pandai recording..haha..

argghhh..... i missed the fun... bamma!! hahaha.. why was i missing all the fun when i was sick? adeh... haha

Happy Blessed Belated Birthday to you, my dear Yih Yih.. (miss $2.10)


@ 1:18 PM
is it a 'SIGN'

constant staring & checking on the handphone...
waiting for phone calls, sending messages, replying messages...
smile when you see replies...
is this a sign of ' in love'? or is a sign of 'loneliness'?
You tell me ?!?!?


Wednesday, May 7, 2008 @ 5:43 PM
CONFUSED.. helpless..

I have not been thinking right.. I cant think straight too..
I dunno why.. I wonder why..
My temper is rising.. and I couldn’t help it.. no no no.. not pms.. haha..
My brain is stuck with some kind of rubbish.. arghh…I hate it .. I hate it..
RUBBISH = i dunno what i’m thinking or even I think too much of the unnecessary

I think I’m under certain ‘burden’ or ‘stress’ or ‘bondage’.… !! wat? I dunno!! argghhh…. So confused and ….so angry with myself…

I am helpless Lord. Help me…
Lord, help me
to ...
dwell in Your house,
rest in Your presence,
ponder upon Your works,
taste upon Your goodness.
Draw me to Your well.. amen!!

Quick updates!!

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, but for our family, we celebrated it early.. we went for dinner last night..coz it’s also mom’s birthday (Chinese lunar calendar).. hehe.. yea u must be thinking why are we so ‘old-fashioned’ rite? Well it was dad’s as good children, we obey lor.. haha..

Yesterday’s Day Off was kinda relax one.. as usual.. (I’m goin to say tis again and again.. haha.) I slept in late.. catch up with my drama.. then I off to the hospital to settle some of dad’s medicines.. managed to get medic for myself too (for my phlegm) and also for nellie’s nose.. hehe.. really THANK GOD for friends.. then we headed for lunch at ‘Staffs’ Canteen’ aka Mom’s canteen ler.. haha.. then send all back to work.. went home.. Proceed with my drama and afternoon nap. Dunno why, as long as I take any medic, I will always feel sleepy.. hinn hinn lor..
I would say is rather a relax day for myself. And I thank God for that. And also thank God for healing hands, for answering prayers, for the care and concerns from frenz. I’M WELL NOW.. Let’s Rock n’ Roll.. hahaha…LUV YA!!.


@ 1:50 PM
A Call to Pray

May 6, 2008
'Dead are thrown into rivers as the living wait for aid.' -

Homeless children watched Tuesday as solemn men unceremoniously dropped dead bodies into the river of this southern Myanmar township.

The funeral-like procession to the river was one of the many disturbing images of the destruction left by Myanmar's deadly cyclone.
The cyclone's devastation could be seen everywhere in Bogalay. The estimated 240 km/hr (150mph) winds spared only four of the 369 homes in a village here.
The nationwide death toll was estimated by state run media and opposition sources at more than 22,000.
Almost half of the total death toll could have come from Bogalay, according to an estimate by China's state run news agency Xinhua. Many of the survivors have been left with nothing.
They sat in roofless homes, parasols their only protection from the rain that continued to fall.

Let us all pray for Myanmar

  • pray for more aid be provided to help the victims, especially in food, medicines and water supplies.
  • pray for aid to restore their homes, at least a shelter for the homeless.
  • pray for God's people to rise up to pray, to give, to go and to help in this time of need.
  • pray for God's grace & mercy upon these people and He will intervene and show Himself amongst the people.

Like every disaster, we need to respond quickly. IT IS NOW!!

Habakkuk 3:2
LORD, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds,
O LORD. Renew them in our day, in our time make them known;
in wrath remember mercy.


Monday, May 5, 2008 @ 2:00 PM
Isn’t God just wonderful?

Isn’t God just wonderful? thou at times it doesnt look 'beautiful'...

I woke up earlier than usual to get ready for Church. After having my early shower.. I was sneezing like mad.. oh no.. I’m down with FLU…. Argghh… hate it..
My voice getting bad.. I know when I have flu.. I sneezed hard and will always hurt my throat. Haiz.. then after picking up the girls.. I went to church to find out that, one of the backup singers not singing.. so.. oh no.. I have to push myself hard on it and sang in front of the congregation with struggles.. I must admit.. there’re times I cant concentrate because my nose is running all over the place. And tat distracts me focusing on the Saviour. Managed to pull thru the P&W session, informed the W/Leader I couldn’t make it for response & offertory.. manatau.. I kena tegur because I did not tell everybody I’m not singing?? Haiz.. informed w/L not enuf meh? I actually can withdrew from singing even right from the beginning, but because there is a need.. I took the risk to sing.. and it really made me looked bad in front of others.. and now this is wat I got? Doink doink doink… Haiz.. sometimes it’s just so difficult to serve ppl.. but not God.

I went home straight after service. Partly I dun wish to talk much.. and I have no appetite.. I went home, cant find any flu pills, took 3biji 250gm vit C, and went to bed and tried to catch some sleep so I will feel better for youth.. ended up.. I was still in bed until 4.30pm.. I did not really sleep, lying down, cant get over it.. cant think straight.. cant get the brain to shut down. Madeline has to take up the sharing for CG at the final hour, and I’m sure she did it well and am really really proud of her. Thanks Mae.. You’re the best..

They went to satay again.. but this time without me.. I’m so sad..coz I cant go, and I have to be in bed. After satay, they went to CWH’s for games.. argghh.. I cant go again… bamma.. I missed all the fun.. then Nel sms me, ‘Chris brought you medic’.. WOW.. I can be well soon.. haha.. I’m so touched and also thankful for this fren. I was thinking, many at times we complain about the general hospital we have, the facilities that is so burukz.. and people here just felt so hopeless, and they will go KK or KL or other places to find ‘better’ doctors and pay a fortune out of it. So far, thank God for the doctors and pharmacist frens I know off from the GH.. I must say, ‘not tat bad lar, it is not tat hopeless ler..’ and am trusting God to make it better for His love onez.. so people.. thank God for our doctors/pharmacists/hospital staffs, that God will bless them even more and turn them all to Him.. amen!!

If you are treated by cold shoulders from the GH, do understand that they meet up with all kinds of people each day and the kinda stress they got. So like me, I always whisper a word of prayers for favour of God and man even before I meet up with them.. and people, trust me.. IT SURELY WORKS!

So says the Watchman, a prisoner of man for more than 20 years for his faith in Christ:

"GOD never does a thing suddenly; He has always prepared long, long before. So there is nothing to murmur about, nothing to be proud of, in the calling of GOD. There is no one of whom to be jealous, for other people's advantages have nothing to do with us. When we look back over life, we bow and acknowledge that all was prepared by GOD. So there is no need to fear that we have missed something. To have this assurance is true rest."


Saturday, May 3, 2008 @ 2:46 PM
is indeed pathetic...

This morning is indeed a gloomy day.. Mr Sun never seems to come out.. until.. eh.. around noon time.. no rain.. i tot Mrs Rain will come...but she decided to send Mr Wind.. there it goes.. gloomy, sleepy day..

is 2.15pm now.. i've finished the bulletins and news powerpoints (my saturday routines). the office felt so empty, those gone to Cell Leaders Retreat are not back yet.. dunno why i felt so empty too.. is there something i did not do.. or someting i should not feel? haiz.. i wonder.. i dun have the mood to do other things...tonite have to come back for worship practise, and now i'm not even excited about it.. wat is it? eh? wat is all these? how i wish i have someone to talk to now.. just talking crap and cheer me up.. haha... hmm... is this wat you call loneliness? am i ? gee.. i wonder

later i'm going to look into the youths' weekly lessons.. have been pondering about it.. i'm really helpless.. for once i think i lost the passion.. am i focusing on the negatives? why not cheer up with the positive? Lord help me.. help me Lord.. . yesterday Caressa & I went thru all the Postal Quiz papers.. gee.. i admit these papers are tough.. but the youths had almost 3 months to study..and yet.. they did not do as what i'm expecting.. i'm really lost.. i told Caressa, i cant imagine.. next year as i pick up teaching Bible Knowledge, should they have these results.. can i bear to accept it? would my heart break? but now.. i dunno did i make a right choice.. geeeeeeeeeee.......i'm so scared.

Did i tell you i went to the hospital for my tooth? it was on Wednesday. after lunch, i found out one of my teeth's fillings chipped off.. oh no.. so, taken the advice from the Pharmasist, i went straight to the old hospital (out patients clinic) to get my tooth fixed. the lady at the counter was really sweet. she is indeed really friendly. i'm glad.. haha.. i was asked to go back about 1 hour later because someone is waiting and i was just a walk-in patient. i met up with this small lovely dentist. Dr E. she is sweet. she gave my tooth dressing, but i need to go back to the clinic for proper filling only in July. haha.. thou is goin to be long.. but i'm glad as i checked with the nurse whether besides tat tooth, anymore need to fix..she said NONE.. Hallelujah.. hehe..

so for tis i shall rejoice..
- my tooth got fix at least for temporary
- i had a good time on Labour Day
- i bought new baju for myself (to cheer me up a bit)
- just found out FanMei goin to Korea too
- my work is done for now
- mr liau came back safely after 4 days
- tomorrow is the Lord's Day
- i am sleepy, lazy and lonely....pathetic..


Friday, May 2, 2008 @ 4:15 PM
Oh.. wat a holiday

Indeed.. what a holiday...

woke up around 10am.. did minor laundry. then headed for brunch with mrs liau & the 2 newbies (Docs). after bought some choc for KL. we headed to CWH's house. for making CINNAMON ROLLz... woolalar. it was fun after all.. we played some ginrammi too and later WH's boss offered us bbq Burger for dinner..

(this picture is just telling you how does Cinnamon Roll look like. hehe)

i must say yum yum.. superb homemade burger man!! it has been a long long time since i last ate a homemade burger..also with great sausages. there were 8 of us. we had a good time over the dinning table. we talked, we laughed, we gossips.. haha.. i know i shouldnt, but for once, i was pretty 'upset' on myself. with my limitation of english.. with my limitation of knowledge. gee.. i knew i missed the opportunity to further my studies, my parents have so many children to take care for their studies. i've always wished i'm degree holder or someting higher. i also know that there's always an opportunity for self study or given a chance to further. but i dun think i can do it.. haiz.. God, You Know what's best, help me to live a life worthy of Your calling. Thank You for not looking down on me... ok, coming back to the group of dinner frenz.. there's 2 doctors, 2 engineers, 1 pharmacist, 1 degree holder, my sis studied in KL, & i only studied in KK for my diploma.. they talked about countries, experiences they had, different friends they've met from diff countries, about this and that.. i listened, observed and learned. but i'm sure had a good time. at least i had a good time laughing.. haha.. Thank You people.. :-) Thank You Lord.

gee.. we talked and talked until we've forgotten the time. it was about 11.00pm i reached home. wow.. i bathed and straight to the bed. and smiled at the day that my God has given me. Thanking and Praising my Lord..



used to be quiet..but now QUIET NO MORE..

loving God..
loving people.. specially da Youthzz..
not forgeting Jagung(sweet corn)too..
working for God..
working for the people..specially da Youthzz..


totz of wat I wish for my Blog..
be A place ..

* to give Glory to God;
* to know me MORE
* to learn wat i've gone thru
* for encouragementz & funz
* for precious momentz
* to inspire others
* to express myself, my inner totz
... and you tell me..


"One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek HIm in His temple."
~ Psalm 27:4


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