Wednesday, April 30, 2008 @ 1:27 PM
write up for the dayz

There was no Monday Prayer Meeting.. so, we had dinner with our cousins and fren. after that.. again.. itchy hands said 'ginrammi'.. so there we went to WaiHoe's for it. met up with new fren, Samuel. WaiHoe + Samuel = havoc.. haha.. we laughed out loud like nobody's business.. these two can really talk. for once i admired their 'talkative-ness' .. haha

Yesterday, DAY OFF!! so, wat else.. sleep in till 10.30am.. it wasnt seem to be a good start. something happened amongst the 'housemates'.. haiz.. avtime when our 'landlords' not in sure like tat de.. so, take it easy man... woke up, did some laundry, caught up with my missing episodes of 'catch me now'.. gee.. it has been about 5 episodes i missed. so, thank God i managed to finish it.. hehe..then later in d evening, went out with Jean & Man to Mrs Liau's for their apartment. really when come to think about it, thank God for frenz. who comes handy in times of needs. :-). At night, again, with a bunch of frenz, we went for dinner. this time diff gang.. but interesting frenz.. haha.. well.. WaiHoe made me looked bad.. haiz.. really ah.. 'si fut zhoi' ..keksei. he just talked anything under the sun whenever and wherever he feels like it..sometimes just wish that i can ketuk his head hard hard. ahahha.. but without him.. the dinner will not be as LOUD.. hahaha... i really need extra grace and love for this fren of mine.. haha... then the Kairos gave Ray a farewell yamchar at QQ. so many of us.. but not many got a chance to talk to one another. anyway it was great.. i'm blessed.. thank You Lord.

this morning is rather gloomy.. it has been raining since last nite.. i woke up pretty early and managed to come out of the house earlier than ever.. haha.. but was caught in jam.. doink.. did up my design for the Mother's Day service. wanna start with the Father's Day soon. meanwhile have to think wat to do for the activities these two months. gee.. stressssssszzzzzzzzzz piling up.. i need wisdom Lord. help me to see beyond wat i can see and plan beyond my abilitiez.. Love Ya Lord.

see how u like my design.. hehe

for those who are reading this blog.. bring your family, specially your mom and join us for Mother's Day Worship Celebration.. see ya there...

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure... think about such things. Phil.4:8


Monday, April 28, 2008 @ 11:30 AM
not eating BREAKFAST..will kill you..

i was reading this email this morning.. on Brain & Liver Damaging Habits.

wahlao.. do you know that NO BREAKFAST will cause Brain Damage? NO BREAKFAST will cause Liver Damage? SLEEP LATE, WAKE UP LATE will also cause the same??!??! gee.. i know to certain facts about it..but the later one..sleeping late, waking up late is gonna kill me? oh no!! i've been doing that.. does that mean.. i'm pushing myself closer to the grave TWO TIMES CLOSER compare with others?? gee... tis is committing suisides man!! oh no.. have mercy!!

haha.. so obediently, i was browsing thru my cabinets to find food for breakfast. i know i'm hungry as i had early early dinner yesterday. and also the email wrote even thou breakfast shud be as early as 7am.. but even is 9am or 10am.. is better to eat it than leaving the stomach i took the chance.. haha.. guess wat i found in my cabinet?!

jeng.. jeng... jeng...

yea.. mrs liau bought this 'weirdo' in HongKong. honestly i never taste Quaker Oatz in savoury. yet i take a chance..

aiya.. cannot see.. too blur
is A PRODUCT OF MALAYSIA. gee. bought from Hong Kong.

lookz not bad rite? smells good too..

really look like porridge lor.. well in the western countries, they call Oatz as Porridge rite? hmm..

i think is a mental block lar.. haha.. it taste like porridge too.. but oat is still oat.. haha. coz you know how oat when u cook it.. it is a bit sticky.. ya.. tat's how it taste like.. and is savoury.. i really cannot take it.. but as i said.. I TOOK THE CHANCE...dun say never eat before.. haha. i tried. i finished it on my own.. and .. i dun think i will buy it ler.. haha.. if it's strawberry or grape flavoured.. i will consider.. haha..

so people.. eat your breakfast ya... make it a priority!!

here's my favourite way of cooking Quaker Oatz..
Boil water + oatz, then add in Condensed milk.. then cook it until it's a bit thick.. before you off the fire.. stir in an egg.. cover the the fire and let it rest for 1-2 min..
best serve with crackers (skyflakes or pingpong brand cream crackers), if u r a big fan of sweet corn like me..add kernel corns when u boil the water with oatz.. reason? by boiling the corns, the water will taste Jagung-y.. wahahahha.. special tips ler.. haha

try it and tell me the results.. heheh...yumyumyummmy...


@ 10:37 AM
SATAY lagi...

wahlao.. continuosly eating SATAYs.. i think i am closer to the grave.. haha..
like what i've said last week.. have been eating and eating and eating.. i SUPER FAT liao lor.. where got guys want me oh.. aiyo.. jatuh saham lor.. who wans to marry a fatty.. doink!!

diet!! diet!! diet!! diet!! diet!! diet!! diet!!

Raymond's last sunday in Labuan. Picked him up early for church. Gave him the car, got the girls (madeline & natalie) to accompany him for breakfast. hahaha.. i can imagine what these girls did to him.. haha.. they so malu malu..sure the environment very COLD de.. adeh. is a good start, maybe next time will push them more into this. they need to be trained for some social skillz.. ahhaha.. sorry la brother, you are the guinea pig. haha.. have to buy them breakfast de guinea pig. hehe.. thou the breakfast 'look' short, i hope you 3 have a good time. hmm.. haha..

Two new friends in church today, both are doctors. very new kidz in the block, they are from Daisy's church in KL. so, after church, in the conference room's tea-fellowship, everybody was like so busy talking to both of them.. haha.. was like 'trying to steal sheeps' wakakaa.. i think is a good sign, coz everyone was like so hunger for new cell members.. good sign.. keep it up..but you all have to go out and look and bring in lar.. not other brings in you take.. where got free lunch.. haha.. some of our CG members were like so protective.. their actions were like shouting out loud 'NO way! they are mine!' ahahhaa.. so funny..

so, then lunch was northern indian lunch in Mephils (not sure i got the correct spelling), good, heavy, sleepy food. then all went home to rest, except me, continue my journey with my youthz

in youthz, again i was treated with cold shoulders. haiz.. someppl just dun grow up, but my call is to love them.. haiz.. susah, but i'll try Lord. for my brother Adrian, i think i'm encouraged to see you doing better tis week, i dunno, i smile and gave thanks to God for you today. proud of you man!!.. in CG we had good times, as usual, we are the loudest.. hehe.. 'shhh' frm neighbour cg. ask me what's happening.. honestly i dunno.. jz funny.. hehe.. we talked about 'Greatest Love' God has for us even to die for us, John 15:13. Easy to b said than done. but do we nid to try it? OF COZ!! God's words will not be in vain. He din give us a bible for us to read and forget about it. we talked about loving each other, even the most unlovable peoplez. not easy, but are we to try? OF COZ!! only with God's help. so people.. i'm gonna luv ya all..!! hahahaha

after youthz had Satay at Layang-Layangan... again.. 10 of us.. 100 stickz, 5 baris of chicwingz, 3 ketupatz, 2 bags of bunz, 1 cucumber and lotz of drinks.. gee....yacking yacking yacking yack.. talk... talk..... again..wherever we go, WE ARE THE LOUDEST.. !!.. boleh bah.. hahaha...again.. good foodz, good frenz..good fellowshipz... Praise the Lord.

to Ray..i pray that your days in Labuan are the fruitful onez. bringing good memories of the island frenz you came to know. forgetting the boring jobz, but ingat ingat the beautiful scenaries of Labuan.. haha.. not only Tanjung Aru ok.. take care.

Thank you Lord, for frenz and fellowship. thank You for Your love for each of us. May we bring Glory to Your name.


Sunday, April 27, 2008 @ 9:16 AM
another few shotzz

Here is the Tree, used to be Ps Yee.. Rev Yee Ting Kong's favourite.. is a saga tree.. fruitful saga tree.. :-) during the strong wind, its dried leaves fall like snow... wooo...wooo..

a shot at the side of the Church. landscape!!

someone planted Ubi right across the pagar.. yet to find out who is tat person.. haha..if is our gardener Jekson, i'm goin to minta from him.. haha

see i no lying to you.. read it carefully.. haha.. my devo on april 18th..haha

here is the closed look on my favourite wall. these notes of appreciationz are my treasures that keep me moving in the ministry.. thou have not been really receiving it now a days.. but whenever i look at it.. it makes me smile.. specially the SAMAN letter.. wakaka...

thank You Lord for the opportunity to share my love to them.. bless them all i pray.. and keep me moving until You say STOP. Love You Lord.. Amen.


Saturday, April 26, 2008 @ 4:42 PM
Some pictures

the Flower that gives Glory to its Creator

Look at the wild Mangosteens..all on the floor bcoz of the strong wind

see the trees? tis was already quite late when the wind wasnt tat strong.. as in the morning..too bad i dun get a chance to snap some pictures then.

Taking opportunities to have a SELF PORTRAIT.. haha. luv the Sun..
hey..tat's my new hair style.. one month after.. long liao lor.. haha

this is my favourite tree so far in the compound. is Eucalyptus-like.. is not a big tree.. but the leaves smell like eucalyptus.. see the flower? so pretty. i just love it..

here's another take.. because of the wind.. i have to hold down one branch and take the picture with one hand. hehehe

another candid for myself.. haha

see tis? messy? haha.. tat's my desktop in d office.. muah

this one ah.. just at the rite hand side when i seated down. messy? luv tat.. those are my love..

lovely flower that make me smile all the time whenever i see it .. a gift from Xin Yi , my dear Cell Member of Sunshine


Friday, April 25, 2008 @ 5:35 PM can you love?

I just wanna tell you.. I've been playing 'Gimrami' the WHOLE week oh.. wahlao.. how can this be? since monday(play only).. tuesday (makan then play).. wednesday (nasib ada meeting).. thursday(makan & Play) wahlao... nasib today is worship practise..but who knows.. hahaha

dun worry i'm not gambling.. jz playing.. train the brain a bit.. calculations..tat also means i spent whole 4 nitez with my partners in crime..naming.. Mr Alfie & Mrs Caressa Liau.. Raymond Poh Yao Yeng.. Nellie Sia.. Chum Wai Hoe.. Isaac Sim & Mr Bean only joined once.. haha.. dun say me Yi(2)-Mm(5)-loi ah.. haha..

Today..i would say the weather is good. not too hot..but super windy.. strong wind.. i managed to take some pictures, but dun have time to put up yet..will share with you some time tis week. excited over the pictures i took.. hehe.. :-) Yeah!!.. I did some designing in d morning..the Church is focusing on Love Your Family Months for coming May & June.. and i need to draw up a sticker on this.. and also some plans on activities. pretty satisfied with da designs..once finaled will show u ler.. then in d evening.. i was reminded by the HOly Spirit..i nid to submit the names for 'Penataran Bible Knowledge 2008' .. tis is a course conducted by the Education Ministry of Malaysia. for those who are interested or are teaching Bible knowledge in schools for SPM Levels. Rev David has given me & un KimSiong, also YahPingJie the challenge to teach BK next year. to me is a great challenge.. gee.. my knowledge is so limited.. but God is the Provider, rite? the Giver of Wisdom? oh...ok..if you said so, i will go.. so i by faith signed up the seminar. and pretty excited over it.. next year will b a bigger road for my lil bicycle.. maybe i should take up cycling..train myself up.. haha..(dun confuse)..

warning : this gonna be a bit harsh...for i was deeply hurt.

Right after 5pm.. i went downstairs..talking to the remaining girls.. HapJie told me abt the judgement resultz on the 2 men knapping the UMS student in KK. GOSH!! these men are HORRIBLE.. did i say it rite? HORRIBLE...super HORRIBLE.. how can they did such a thing to tis young girl.. she is only 22.. wahlao.. no brain one meH? summore said it is becoz of alcohol, syabu & overcome by evil lusts.. so the paper said.."duo claim driven by SATAN" ...honestly.. I AM SUPER ANGRY.. satan took the glory oh.. wahlao... i was sooooo angry for wat they did to the girl.. and it really hurtz me so much.. imagine.. if tat was my daughter.. tat was my youthz, my love onez.. i gonna kill them all.. !!! bitten..bruised..raped.. assaulted.. What on earth they are thinking..?? 没有天理吗?没有皇法吗?where is the FEAR OF GOD in them? they shud know there is a God somewhere rite? wahlao.. S-T-U-P-I-D!! sorry for being harsh..but i was really really angry.. the sentence they faced did not serve them rite.. they should be hanged to death. serving 59yrs or 48 yrs in the prison only WASTING our money away.. WHAT FOR??!! then i was talking to the girls.. i told them..'i really hate these guys..death shud serve them rite.. but how then can you love?' i asked them.. 'God says He loves each & everyone of us oh... He loves them too meh?'.. tears instantly fills my eyes.. maybe God's eyes too.. i went speechless and ran upstairs to write this blog.

Writing.. i'm in tears.. the room is filled with God's love.. and how i understand God's feeling when i sin against Him.. thou i did not kill someone.. but when i did someting wrong, or against His He not angry too? am i not hurting Him too? do i deserve the Grace? the Mercy? the Love? the second Chance?
'oh Lord, go away for i am a sinful man...' 'Do to me Lord as You will'.. i surrender all..

Father God i thank You.. besides Thank You Lord.. nothing much i could say.. but thank You for showing Your Love to me, thank You for helping me to understand Your heart..Thank You for Dying on the Cross for me.. I Praise You Lord..


@ 9:58 AM
3 things in life you need to know..

I got this from an email forwarded to me.. and would like to share with you...

Three things in life that, once gone, never come back
1. Time 2. Words
3. Opportunity
Three things in life that can destroy a person
1. Anger 2. Pride
3. Unforgiveness
Three things in life that you should never lose
1. Hope 2. Peace
3. Honesty
Three things in life that are most valuable
1. Love 2. Family 3. Kindness
Three things in life that are never certain
1. Fortune 2. Success 3. Dreams
Three things that make a person
1. Commitment 2. Sincerity 3. Hard work
Three things that are truly constant
-Father - Son - Holy Spirit


Thursday, April 24, 2008 @ 5:42 PM
I wonder?? have you?

after my post on 'How do You know Who's Right for You? ' April 19. i received comments like.. 'is she desparate?' even i have some asked me 'are you really that stressed?' 'oh she is lonely' 'oh..she needs companion' .. hahahahaha...
are these questions in your mind too? to be honest..this wasnt in my mind until you said so. my answer to you is.. 'no!..not desparate.. not stressed.. not lonely.. no depression ' or i must say.. 'AIYO.. THINK TOO MUCH LAR YOU..' haha..
that title really really is one of the devotions i read on that morning. haiyo.. i think i need to snap the page out so tat you believe me lar.. haha.. and the Jagung thingy is just because.. i am indeed a JAGUNG LOVER.. takkan i put.. 'must ivy marry alex, what if ivy likes brian..then charles like ivy.. ' like tat meh? then others will speculate even worse.. paling worse if there are really the 'real' alex, brian and charles... i think people will say i actually take opportunity to express my feelings to them.. pengsan la aku..tolonggg lar.. hahhaha.. really DOINK!!...
i maybe alone.. but i am not lonely.. there are times i need to be alone.. who says married couple wont be lonely.. who says a family of 10 will not be lonely.. is the ATTITUDE..darling.. haha..
in regards of relationship..yea.. i am praying for one.. and waiting for one.. just praying for KARA (being at the right place at the right time) where God will open the doors for relationship. but no longer i wait for the perfect one.. as there will be none. meantime while waiting.. i will continue to serve the Lord and to love the people He has put under my care. i need to rest upon Him. i need to prepare and train myself up to be the prudent wife like in the book of Proverbs... instead of waiting for the right the right one. age matters? i dun think i care much now.. so wat if i only married at 35 or 40..but for sure i wont marry my youthz lar.. for God sake.. haha.. am i not being loved by God.. NO WAY!!.. I AM..GOD LOVES ME SO MUCH... friends.. relax.. God is in control. i will take chance if He says MOVE!! hahaha..and stop asking me whether i'm desparate.. i will be.. in killing you.. wakakkakakakakhahahahhahahaha... DOINK!! DOINK!!


@ 10:46 AM
my new Fren!


Have you ever have this feeling.. like you are so excited over something..but you do not know what it is? haiz.. i've been thinking over and over again.. what lar am i excited about? but.. i still do not know the reason.. i've forgotten?.. hmm.. sign of AGE? oh No.. No .. NO.. No.. No.. No.. Not the Case.. hahaha..

ah!!.. maybe is the Dweey Thingy.. Let me introduce to you my New Friend...DWEEY..(dwi-ee)

Who is Dweey? Dweey has come a long way of determining who she really is. "Oh my! What a cute little cow!" is what she's been hearing all the while. And now it's Correction Time! Dweey may look like a cow to you and you and you, But! She’s not a cow.
Dweey's the fabulous, one and only of what you can know as – a short necked giraffe, living a blissful contemporary urban life in the city of sky scrapers and many many cars. And there's one more thing. Don't ever tell Dweey she's cute. Just tell her she's pretty.

Material Dweey: "Yes I love Branded Stuff.... I buy expensive Jewelry.... I eat at fancy restaurants But I have my principal, I don't wear fur, I rather wear my own skin."

Though mychoice of Dweey is Material..but I am not.. Just My Dweey is.. haha..i wanted another one, but was taken..then i found out that i so like the details on its outfit.. gee.. Dior bah..i never have any Dior i let my fren has it lor.. haha... this is a lovely gift from my dear sista.. thanks dear. luv it..
this is a collage of the pictures we took.. so love...

too bad.. the HOmeless cant join us.. have to do it again when the HOmeless found her home.. haha..

special thankz to sophia who supplied me these pictures.. hehe.muakz


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 @ 1:15 PM
A Song = A Devotion

Teach me Your way O Lord
求主祢指示我 Ajar aku Tuhan
And I'll walk in Your truth
引导我走义路 Jalan dalam t’rang-Mu
Give me an undivided heart
赐我全心全意爱祢 B’rikan ku hati yang teguh
That I may fear Your Name

I will praise You forever and ever
我赞美祢 从今直到永远 Ku puji Kau selama-lamanya
With all of my heart
以我的全心 Seg’nap hatiku,
With all of my strength
以我的全力 seg’nap kuatku
And all of my life
将我的生命 Seg’nap hidupku
I offer to You Lord
全献上给祢 ku s’rahkan pada-Mu
Let Your will be done in my life
但愿我遵行祢旨意 Jadi sesuai k’hendak-Mu
Teach me Your way
献上我心 Yesus Tuhan

since Monday Prayer Meeting.. This song have been humming in my mind for the past 2 days.. Knowing that this is the song that the Lord wants to minister to me, to teach me and remind me of the Call He has for me.. and also the cry of my heart to Him. is indeed a Devotion to Him. Thank You Lord.

So people, next time when the Lord puts songs into your heart/mind, consider it.. pray over it and ask the Lord to minister to you.. it is not just the melody, but the meaning to it. A Devotion!


@ 10:41 AM
Is This ME?

this is what i copied from a blog ( kinda interesting blog to read.. here i copied wat it says about me.. (i translated it with the help of dictionary)

射手座. Sagittarians are Number ONE in...

貪玩第一名,Playfulness .
(haha.. yea yea that's me.. IvJoy)
糊塗第一名,muddle-headed; blunder
(i think i am..blur blur like sotong)
可愛第一名,lovable; likeable; dear; nice; lovely
(Agree or not? not i say one.. dictionary say it.. haha..I AM lor)
勇於嘗試第一名,Adventurous; courageous
(hmm? maybe..i like it)
心無城府第一名。Straight forward; truthful; simple; 没有心机
(not sure abt tat? in some area yes la)


Monday, April 21, 2008 @ 1:53 PM
It God said so.. would you do it?!!

James 1:19, ' Everyone should be quick to listen.. slow to speak.. '

For someone who have a habit of speaking too much. this verse is a real struggle..and is sure one of my weaknesses. can get so agitated when some1 just dun listen to you.. but forgetting about yourself, who are not far behind. The Lord has been superbly faithful in showing me His ways and His Loving Grace. 'Learning to Listen' is what He said this morning.

Thank God for Saturday's Induction Night. it went well... as smooth as silk.. and i am thankful.. but still a bit stress..coz.. bible reading text not out yet.. only at later night.. around 10.30pm boss sms said no need sermon ppt.. hallelujah!! hehe.. Bishop Albert Vun shared about being ONE ACCORD.. for there will bring :- 1/ the outpouring of the Holy Spirit; 2/ Joy to the Church; 3/ powerful prayer; 4/ strong annointing; 5/ multipication of the harvest.

Sunday Service was ok.. thou there were a bit hiccup on the worship side... it was still a good service. it was good sharing from Bishop, very encouraging..and challenging as well.. dared us, charged us to Launch into the Deep.. (Luke 5:1-11). i was deeply challenged. If God said so.. would you do it?!! i tot of a lot of things.. and asking myself again and again.. would i do it? would i wan to do it? Wow!! i dunno.. Radical Obedient? WOW! LAUNCH INTO THE DEEP!!

After Service, there we were.. at the Fishermen's Wharf again... yea..again..great food great fellowship. Afternoon during Overcomers' time, the youthz were having Postal Quiz. wow.. it was kinda hard eh.. i didnot read the text..but trying to answer difficult questions. NOT EASY.. so for those who did well.. I'M PROUD OF YA!! those not really well.. is ok.. you've tried your best. Supposed to end the meeting well and happy, but because of some discipline problems, again i was out of control.. dunno why it hurted so much.. but at last. before bed time, God has made us reconciled with each other. I prayed that we may be different for God from today onwards..and again..tis brought tears to my eyes in thanksgiving. I Just Can't Stop Loving You Lord..

Had Satay for Dinner with a bunch of good friends.. all from CG.. great weather..great companions, great fellowship and of coz great food.. haha.. Happy people = Happy Meal.. :-) 9 of us had 100 satays +2 big cucumbers +4 ketupatz +2 bags of buns... Happy people = happy appetite. Thou when we went home it was raining and no power supply.. I AM A HAPPY YAH-KID!!
Father You alone are the Great God.. You alone are my God and my Love.. Praise Your Holy Name.


Saturday, April 19, 2008 @ 2:33 PM

Bishop is here!! all seems so stressed up..
i am in fact.. why? coz need to work on last minute powerpoints.. is 2.40pm now.. and still waiting for 2 more sermons to be given and have to finish it before tomorrow morning...before 7am.. arghhhh.... i hate stresssed.. but i cant help!!!!
I was caught up with work (yea..ppt again) this morning.. and did not have a chance to have any breakfast or lunch. poor Happie Jie.. supposed to bring her breakfast.. tak jadi coz i was late.. then bring her lunch.. tak jadi coz i got worship practise.. ended up.. she went out with YahPing Jie.. thank God for her.. :) at least i wont feel guilty liao.. keke....
SURPRISE!!! after practise i was at Happie's table, YahPingJie walked in..and gave someting to me.. guess wat??? my favourite!!! Yippie!!! CORN IN A CUP of coz.. and a piece of pancake.. 谢谢雅苹姐.. you've made my day.. at least now.. i'm more glad then stressed up.. haha.. God is Just So Good!! i felt so loved.. muakzz!!

Gambatei for Tonite...!!! Pray that i dun have to burn midnight oil.. Yes & Amen!!


@ 9:34 AM
How do You know Who's Right for You?

sharing from my devotion yesterday.
how only can we know who is the RIGHT one for us? Interesting right? hehe.. hmm.. Does God fix it? if He says Alan means Alan? why not Bruce or Charles? haha..well.. this was what i thought last time, but i've come to know that our God is a God who loves us so much that He will not force us to do something we do not like or want to do. It is a Choice. Dr James Dobson in his book 'Love for a Lifetime' calls it one of the most important choices we can make. Our choice of marriage partner affects our children, our grandchildren, and the surrounding Christian community. WOW!! Have you thought about that before?

must Jagung marry a Jagung? if Jagung goes well with Butter, can't Jagung marries Butter, or some prefer Mayonise, or longan, cincau..? i dun think you can marry ABC lar.. haha.. too crowded liao..wahahah.. adui.. my stomach bising ady..often after few years of marriage, when things don't go as expected, we will then turn to God and ask Him why him why her? why us in this situation? putting blame on Him and him/her.. bla bla bla and all kinds. at the end of the day, we said 'i should never have married him. it was a huge mistake!' then, is it a mistake? i think after hearing and reading from various teachers of the Law, i doubt, most of the time we want to find the Mr Right or Miss Right..but we failed to understand that.. it is US! WE are the one who need to be the Mr Right or Miss Right, in my case. I need to love my husband, submit to my husband, be his good friend and be the one who willing to spend my whole life with.. like in the marriage vow, 'I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful partner in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in joy as well as in sorrow. I promise to love you unconditionally, to support you in your goals, to honor and respect you, to laugh with you and cry with you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.' My understanding.. it is 'I, ME, MYSELF' need to work out my life with the one i chose. if the marriage is not right..then.. make it right, mend it together, and enjoy the process. we often expect others to change first. but here it says likewise.

so, for those newly wed, those married long time liao de.. those dating.. those walking into the red carpet..those seeking and waiting... ask yourself whether you are the right one for each other. and Ask God whether you can build a marriage that is a true blessing to both partners. James 1:5 says 'if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God who gives generously without finding faults...' and pray that God will guide us into marraiges that truly bring honour to Christ. Amen.


Friday, April 18, 2008 @ 2:53 PM
oh.. i'm so in love...

hahaha... yea.. i'm in love.. not on 'man' .. but on sweet corn.. hahaha.. suspense leh?!!! keke

yum yum yum... yea.. look at that... isn't it delicious... wah.. '流口水-lao hao soi' oh.. especially this one which is PANGANG/ BAKAR one.. hmm.. yummy eh.. still remember, i had it in Lawas, on a 'mission trip' with the cell leaders long time ago.. i saw people selling by the shop, it smelled so good.. so i bought one and kept it..and ate it ALL BY MYSELF... divine~~.. haha.. ya.. i gila jagung lar.. but is sure nice ma.. oh?
jagung = ivy ?? ivy = jagung?? hmm?? can't tell.. wuhahaha
am i willing to share? hmm.. i dunno oh.. if can..let me have it lar.. but if no choice i will still share de.. mayb half half gua.. haha.

Evening is Cell group time.. we had a pot-bless dinner to farewell our dear sister Viviana aka ai mei.. hehe.. she or her mom cooked the lovely Pork Curry.. and everyone of us enjoyed it. and a few more yummy dishes.. and thanks to brother Ding, i enjoyed the Jagung.. i had 'quite' a lot thou.. cannot resist lor.. for it has been a long time since i last ate fresh corns. all these while.. i had caned corn only..haha
both Bro Ding & i like corns.. but he likes beans too like Teng.. so.. some jokes go around the table.. and it went so funny that the whole table laughed and laughed. and tibatiba i din know how to react upon it.. haha.. malu oh.. but so funny.. hahaha.. i liked when Ray said 'aiyo brother, you digging your own grave.' haha.. true..coz it only can go deeper and many will remember it...sad case..hahahaha.. i'm just glad to say.. i found one brother who shared the same surname as I.. haha.. 'sweetjagung'.. now is the war between the 'old' jagung and the 'young' jagung.. haha.. so next time if got corns in CG have to rebut lor.... hahaha.. after CG when all went home.. BroD pulak terlanggar the Cell Leader's pagar.. wakakka.. adui~.. haha.. mabuk jagung konon... i hope it is not my comment tersinggung someone thou.. haha... funny funny..

tomorrow night.. my dear sister will be leaving KL to begin her new chapter of her life.. i pray and ask for God's protection upon your life, may God be your guide and refuge in times of trouble, May He watches over you in your incoming and outgoing. and be the Jehovah Jireh for your needs. surely we gonna miss you a lot and awaiting your coming back to join us to serve the Lord together in this lovely House. amen!

mizz you mei.. next week onwards, nobody will eat lunch with me liao, no one will laugh out loud with me in the office.. and gila-gila with me eat maggie myself..sunyi lar... haha
hemehem.. promotion time.. check out her blog..


Thursday, April 17, 2008 @ 9:46 AM
Love = Serve

aiks.. baru baru say wanna update frequently.. since monday, i haven't pen down any.. haha

my Tuesday was better than the last week. haha.. though i woke up late, watched some tv, washed some baju, and then by 4.30pm head off to meet Sophia & Viviana for pool excercise.. haha..swiming ler.. we were there kinda early, so decided to pay Aunty Helen a visit, but i was caught up with the talking.. so..we talked and talked, then the girls went out first.. i think i've talked with her about 45min.. haiz.. tat's my weakness, is either she is bored or i'm just talkative.. wakaka.. we talked about Ps Joseph Prince's sessions on 'Finding Your Life Partner'. share some totz we received, talked about the singles in our church, talked about some guys in the church.. was so funny.. during the conversation, aunty said, her hobby is to sit around and do nothing, looking at the creations who reveals the glory of God. WOW!! Hey!! that's exactly what i love to do, and that's exactly the Lord has been talking to me for the past 2 weeks. WOW!! isnt God wonderful? then i joined the girls. nellie later joined us and we swam for almost 2 hours.. kiki. WONDERFUL!! thanks friends..

Wednesday did not have a good start. it was some small mistakes that trigger some big temper. haiz.. dun have to react like tat de ma.. all of us also got feelings de. but does it have to be 'that big deal' ? haiz.. i ended up in my office the whole day.. not even bother to go down. BAD IVY!!
the rest of the afternoon was kinda cool.. enjoyed my talking session with my fren. thank you Lord. then at nite attending the Induction Service practise, then proceed to Pasar Peladang, to cook a dish for CG Night.. my dear frens, Viviana & Raymond's last CG with us.. haiz.

Wanna shared wat i've read in my morning devo. the writer said:-
'Submission does not mean a wife becomes her husband's servant. Instead, submission is based on Christ's giving of himself for the church. In Christ, husbands and wives give of themselves willingly out of love for one another. In such a relationship of mutual service, yielding is not a burden but a BLESSING!!'
Hey, who says we have to be married in order to know this.. haha.. GOD IS AWESOME!!

Lord, fill us with Jesus' love so that we may serve one another as He served us. amen!!


Monday, April 14, 2008 @ 4:22 PM
Look Up to the Sky

It was Saturday Night when i sent Ivanna home after worship practise, she asked me whether did i notice the sky on Friday night, i said none, she said very nice.. full of stars.. it dawn upon me, 'yea oh.. like long time i never look up the skies and smile at it.' too bad these 2 nights have been drizzling. thanks Ivanna, thanks for reminding me that i will look UP more from now on.

Last night, went to watch Ah Long Pte Ltd again. Yea you are correct, 'again!!'. I watched the show during my last trip in Miri, then, we missed about 10min of the movie in the beginning, and during the show, it was just too many distraction, frankly i laughed, but i did not really enjoy the show. so, since is viviana's last week here in Labuan, and the SMKL are not skulling on Monday, i took the chance to bring them for a movie night. thou we did not have time to fellowship, but it was a good night out, i enjoyed it and at least i did this for my frenz.. :) All we did on the way back home in da car is... ha Ha hahaha.. heheheHeh.. hEHHehehaahaHAHAHaAHAHA.. something just cant stop us from laughing.. coz we had been laughing THROUGHOUT the whole TWO HOURS. keng leh!! be-ta-han oh!! really PENGSAN. i can imagine when Teng,Peg,Caressa, MrLiau watch this. wakaka.

This week going to be a hectic week for me, will be doing a lot of meeting. Had one just now, it was a good one i would say... just need wisdom and patience for the next few.. hehe.. Happie Jie at last came back, shared her tot over the lunch table from wat she learned from the Youth Pastors' School. catched some totz.. and equally thankful for the lessons shared and also giving Glory to Him. Rev David Wong is going to be inducted as the Rector of COHS, this coming Saturday. Is going to be a BIG Day not only for him, but as staffs, we felt the pressures and excitement.. Please also Pray for us.

wah.. i think i fall into the temptation of 'envy' oh.. so jealous of those who has camera phone. they just snap wat they like and can post to their blogs. anyway.. may be is a lesson for me to waitttttttttttt patiently.. i wait for You ah Lord. hehe. suddenly there are so many commitments i am going into.. and only the Lord know how I am going to go through each of them. and until He enable me, i can fly like wings of eagles, i will run and not weary.

Thank You Lord for all Your providence before and to come. You are the Jehovah Jireh. Yes & Amen!!


Saturday, April 12, 2008 @ 2:16 PM
Have You Ever Wonder??

Have you ever wonder why 'ivjoy'?
As probably by now reading my blog so far.. you might figure it out it is 'laugther' that made my day.. i guess that is why i like the word 'joy' to dwell in between my name, my love, my life. does it mean i like hillarious guys? hmm... i prefer those with great sense of humor, someone who will make me smile and laugh, just like my heavenly Father. :) haha..

Seeing something beautiful makes me smile.. looking at the flowers, the butterflies, the stars, the skies, the moon, the youths (sometimes..haha..), the friends i have, the people worshipping God, the family i have, and sooooo many things, big or little things.. every single creation of God makes me smile. To me it is the way i express my thanksgiving to my God who made all things beautiful in His time. though sometimes, things might go wrong and gets bitter, but one day i would smile at it and thank Him for it.

Last night, taken the advice from a dear sister, i took an early rest, well it wasnt an early rest, by 8pm i was like so tired, so i went and took a 'short' nap (supposed to go out for visiting), but i ended up sleeping for the next 2 hours. i was shocked when i found out it was 10pm when i woke up... haha...i guess my spare tank (of sleep) went a bit low. In da morning my nose was running.. and was sneezing all the way, so i think tat must be part of the reason why i was tired.

by 10.30pm, as my sistas were getting ready to sleep, i was there 'kacau'-ing them..we talked and talked and talked and shouted for our opinions to be heard and laughed at each other and the stories we shared with one another. haha.. it was a good time of sharing. it was almost 12am, they then pleaded.. 'jie, please lar, we want to sleep liao..' haha.. i was full of energy, remembered? i slept 2 hours just a couple hours ago.. haha.. thou we stay in one house, but because of the nature of our work, we hardly have this 'quality' time with one another. ahah.. therefore i thank God for each of them... again... this has made me smile...

Thank you Lord for Your love for each of us, everyone in the family. May each of them come to Your saving grace. Bless Your Name!! Amen!!

These are my sisters...
Sharon (standing)
Nellie, Tina & Ivjoy. (sitting)


Friday, April 11, 2008 @ 2:42 PM

Five Year Old Blind Genius Pianist

This Video really made me cry.. she is indeed amazing and I would want to give God the Glory for this...for it is Him who gives the talent and gifts to all of us...Thank You Lord.


@ 9:39 AM
A Day tat Made me Smile

Nothing much has been done yesterday.

Updating the Sunday Bulletins, did the Sermon Powerpoint.. here and there..oh wanna give credit to a lovely sister who shared her muffin with me for breakfast, it was lovely and made my day.. :) (tq dear, luvya)

Last night was Cell Group Night, it was a good gathering.. we all had a goooooooooooood laugh... ask me about it.. we just talked and laughed anything under the sun. Laughed about someone 'pretend to understand', someone missing 'him', bla bla bla.. just talked and laughed. therefore, the cell leader decided 'no icebreaker', caused we broke it with our laughters. wakaka..the Word sharing was great too, though there are some confusion..but at least we shared what is in our 'mind' and that actually help us to understand the Word and each other better. Over the fellowship time.. again had a good time of fellowship and laughters.. thank God for good friends..and i enjoyed my day, a day full of laughter & joy.. You've made me smile :) Love You LOrd,..

This morning woke up with body ache.. i dunno why, my legs are because of the jogs i did on Wednesday, but body? i dunno.. oh no... and nose are running as well.. no no no... 'virus' in d air.. must be at the Chin's.. ahaha..

Help me to Live for Your Glory.. !!


Thursday, April 10, 2008 @ 5:03 PM
My Devotion

So you've complained my writing is too long? and you malas wanna read? haha.. will make it simple for today then (.. i hope.. )... just a lil reading of the day.

Psalm 119:105-112
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.
I have taken an oath and confirmed it, that I will follow your righteous laws.
I have suffered much; preserve my life, O LORD, according to your word.
Accept, O LORD, the willing praise of my mouth, and teach me your laws.
Though I constantly take my life in my hands, I will not forget your law.
The wicked have set a snare for me, but I have not strayed from your precepts.
Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart.
My heart is set on keeping your decrees to the very end.

Throughout the Bible God gives us some easy-to-understand guidelines for everyday living, like the Psalm above, God's Word is like a light for the path He wants us to follow in life. Our lives failed because we ignore God's Word. God warns us about marriage between a Christian and an unbeliever, but some pay no attention. God says love one another as you love yourself, but we finding faults in one another and causes the hatred. We constantly take our lives in our hands, and expect God to do great things for US. We enjoy every bit of the Blessings, but forget that there are Responsibilities we need to fulfil. Loving His Word, Obeying His Word.

Perhaps the time has come for each of us to sit down and ask, "What does God say about our lives? What can we do to make our lives more what God intended it to be?" When you do, you'll be looking in God's Word and following the instructions of your Maker.

'Lord, help all of us to listen to and learn from your Word. Use it to guide us in the pathway you want us to foloow, and help us to obey. Amen'


Wednesday, April 9, 2008 @ 2:10 PM
Rotting away...

I have been rotting away yesterday.. the whole day.. yea!! not a Good Yea!! but a 'SIGH' Yea!! ahahha

I supposed to wake up early.. do the laundry and some houseworks.. and then send Melody to Sophia's and spending time there uploading some pictures...haiz.. SUPPOSEDLY Lar.. so i ended up.. woke up around 10am, sitting in front of the TV, catching the AOD (astro on demand) series that i've missed for the past weeks. the moment i realised.. gee!! it has been for the past 5 hours i was sitting there.. catching almost 6 episodes in one sittings... i was soooooo TIRED!!.. goodness me.. i was kinda amazed. how can i sit tat long.. of coz i did not sit sit.. i sat and laid down.. haha... but i was more towards DISAPPOINTING AND MAD of myself..for lack of self discipline.. has been done.. but i still cant get over it.. DECAY..DECAY...DECAY.. but at least i did something meaningful.. i guess..haha..Sophia, Nellie & myself went visiting Ps Chen, Gary & Xin Yi in the was a good time spent, catching up with one another, spending time playing with Xin Yi.. so cute.. she got so excited and the house is FULL of her laughter and screams.. haha.. it was GREAT..

This morning, i did this bookmark for the EOC Chinese Children Church. i kinda like it.. is John 3:16..

oh ya.. i said i wan to upload some pictures for you... but i did not have a lot.. SO BAD.. SO SAD...
but better than none rite.. hehe.. here it goes..

the sushi-s we had in brunei.. these are set meals.. yummy yummy... i missed that.. Raymond (frm CG) said.. 'huh? go brunei just for sushi??' .. 'yea bro.. is worth it.. yumyumyumm'

this is the food we had on the first day in Miri, Siammese.. pizzas & pastas.. oh.. ya.. the cornchips are great too.. hehe

this is ah rice for us, for the home-cook dinner we had on the last day in Miri...i was the one behind..busy frying Chicken time to be in the picture. hehe


Monday, April 7, 2008 @ 10:23 AM
Interesting yet Challenging

I had a great time over lunch after the Church Service, i do not know how to explain, but it was great companies with great fellowships.. thou it has to cut short because of my afternoon ministry. i just had a great time there. thank you Lord.

I'm not sure where i'm up to this morning.. This morning devotion is about marriage.. guess for the coming 2 months, there's where i'm going to be studying. Thanks to TODAY, The Family Altar. it is quite interesting to find out how God initiate marriage. before i further on with my point of view.. i must get it clear to all that 'i'm not in desparation' haha.. so.. dun get me wrong ya?!?! wakaka. Everything happened back way in Genesis, where God created man,, and found out that 'it is not good for man to be alone' (Gen 2:18) and the mystery lies in Eph 5:31 as Paul explained to us that Marriage has the built-in capacity to reflect something of the relationship between Christ & His Church. and that's i'm going to learn and discover this coming 2 months. so stay tune from time to time.

Since the Youth Pastors' Meeting, held last week, every single day, i was reminded over and over again on the verse, taken from John 15: 12-14 'My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command.' whenever I was reminded on this verse and pondered upon it....

FIRSTI acknowledge a SUPER friend that is soooo great that willing to die in my place, that is none other than JESUS CHRIST himself. the sufferings that He went thru, the accusations that He had to face, the road that he has to go thru.. ALL .. it is because of me.. ALL because of His love for me.. and i'm thankful for He not only my Saviour & God, rather A FRIEND WITH GREAT LOVE.
SECOND I ponder upon my friendship with others, my friendship with my youthzz.. the ministry i have, the Overcomers, Kairos (my young adults cell group).. have i love each other as Christ have loved me? am I His friend? because HE said.. You are my friends if you do what I command.. this really make me think..thinking deep. as i said earlier on.. the ministry has not been smooth running this year, and many 'actions' have challenged me to the full, i'm not sure whether it was me or others, but.. it's really out of my hand. and i began to think.. where did i do wrong.. and how can i do tat.. and when have i loosen the chords..i began to ask and ask and the Lord, humourously, ask and ask me.. 'are you willing to lay down your life for your friends?' that brought me to tears each and every single time i heard Him asked. I DO NOT KNOW LORD.. FOR ALL THAT THEY HAVE DONE? THE HURT THAT I'M SUFFERING NOW? I AM NOT SURE ANYMORE..BUT HOW CAN I LAY MY LIFE FOR THEM? THEY DOESNT SEEM APPRECIATING, WOULD YOU SHOW ME LORD? WOULD YOU HELP ME?... How i wishes in the earlier days, my leaders showed me what does it take to lay down their lives for their ministries. maybe they did, maybe i wasnt observance enuf.
FROM NOW ON.. Lord, if it's Your will, take this cup from me, teach me, lead me, guide me, hold me, speak to me, shake me if You need to.. i want to learn from You. Help me to be the friend that who will lay down her life for her friends.

John 15: 12-14
'My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command.'


Friday, April 4, 2008 @ 5:22 PM
Miri, Sarawak to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

I'm back in Labuan of cause.

Our last day in Miri, as early as 6.30am, we went scout for breakfast, it shouldnt be a big problem in Miri. That morning, we set to go for porridge for breakfast, but ..too bad, it wasnt readied to serve us. so, we went to a shop called '2020' i hope i'm right. for TIM SUM.. too early to enjoy lor.. but it was rushing and yet good tim sum. Then we gotta rush for airport.. we were late!! When we arrived at the airport, is already 7.30am, our flight is 8.15am, actually we should be pretty save. but to our surprised, the counter was closing, we were the last 2 they checked in. kena marah again..adui.. first time kena marah by ticketting counter..pengsan...still got 45 min what.. hahaha.. when we were up there, we still had to wait for some slow people who took their sweet time boarding the plane.. what is this.. what the rush and the scolding for then? haha.. anyhow, it was a good experienced. we arrived in KK early than the scheduled time.

Nah.. we did not manage to go for the Beef Noodle i said in my last post. Stomach still full. So we decided to put our bags in Wisma Anglican, then proceed to City Mall for our HAIR CUT..i was pretty shocked with the amount of hair Rebecca cut for me. She did not even ask me what style i want, as usual, she will say.. 'aiyo.. no style liao..' then she proceed with cut.. cut..cut.. my hair now is short yet long. haha. i kinda like it.. very stylish, but some cannot take it. someone even said it looks like LION.. well.. beauty lies at the eyes of the beholder, that's the best to cover this.. wakaka.

The Youth Pastors' Meeting held on Monday evening, 31 March. Started of with sharing of God's Word by Archdeacon John Yeo. boy! how much i miss his preaching, and i'm thankful. ADJY shared about Leadership & Ministry through the life of Nehemiah on the first night. A man of PURPOSE, PASSION, PRAYER and has all the PLANs in his head. borrowing ADJY's words, it is only through PURPSE, PASSION developes. we have all kinds of teachings and meetings throughout these 2 days. I thank God again and again through the meetings, reminded me on the present ministry that i'm heading, the Overcomers. Recently, the ministry has surfaced few problems that are really heartbreaking personally, seeing how the youths chose the ways that 'they should not' and seeing how they rebels against the leadership 'silently'. it is always the case in the youth ministry, to some is a norm. but. to me, seeing our able leaders doing it, against you, no joke man. i faced a lot during the past 10 years of youth ministry, but every time.. every single time, it broke my heart, torn my heart to pieces. Have i bring the Ministry to excellence? Did i take care and take note on what is around me? Do i think too much? have i not taken His yoke that is easy and light? have i Lord? can i Lord? would this glorify Your name?

Father, a new passion i ask, once again put Your purpose in me.. that i may live to glorify Your Name and none other!! Amen!!

Overall the meeting was good, beneficial and very much encouraged me to once again move on.. for Him. The teachings from Rev George Ong, Singapore once again draws me back to Him.

ALL GLORY TO HIM, who sits on the Throne. AMEN! AMEN! and AMEN!
will come back for me.. gotta chao now.. hehe..



used to be quiet..but now QUIET NO MORE..

loving God..
loving people.. specially da Youthzz..
not forgeting Jagung(sweet corn)too..
working for God..
working for the people..specially da Youthzz..


totz of wat I wish for my Blog..
be A place ..

* to give Glory to God;
* to know me MORE
* to learn wat i've gone thru
* for encouragementz & funz
* for precious momentz
* to inspire others
* to express myself, my inner totz
... and you tell me..


"One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek HIm in His temple."
~ Psalm 27:4


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