Saturday, November 29, 2008 @ 3:31 PM
My concerns.. His too !!

I have recently noticed 'signs of age' on my complexions, specially on my face.. which is quite scary to see.. yea I know.. i’m getting old and bla bla bla.. yet.. dun show up so fast ma.. u know wat I mean? Maybe u don’t… u either too young to understand.. or u just dun understand.. anyway.. my skin gets dry pretty fast.. it lost its natural moist.. tat means more lotion is needed. Then.. all my facial care has to change from oily to dry skin!! The other day when I went to blood bank for my blood test, the kakak happily said.. ‘moi..kurus sudah kau ni..muka kau pun kecil sudah ni..’ happy oh when I heard it.. ‘yea!!’ For a few seconds, then she said.. ‘tapi muka kau macam ada garisan garisan sudah keluar ni..’.. aiyo.. so DOINK!!.. I guess because the face is getting dry..the lines are obvious lor.. so.. fat or thin leh? For health purposes..of coz thin.. but thin look older leh? ‘mau tun’.. have to change product and see how lar.. lolz.. ‘Avène– for dry skin only’. Trial pack.. Lolz..

so, that’s what has been bothering me these days, not all the time.. during I wash my face, I see myself in the mirror.. I felt the dryness on my face.. I’ll say a lil prayer.. hehe.. Desperate ba ni..

good thing happened today, as I came into the office and read a devotion, which I was astonished by wat the writer wrote on Sarah (Sarah in the bible of coz).. and I wan to share with you..

title of devo : Jesus Is Your Restorer And Nourisher (read it)

Ruth 4:15 And may he be to you a restorer of life and a nourisher of your old age…

my totz: the writer talks about God being our restorer and nourisher. Of coz he talked about a lot of things and persons. One of the things caught my eyes is that ‘Sarah was certainly rejuvenated in her old age by God for she was still desirable to a king at the age of 90. (Genesis 20:1–2)’ I was like.. ‘WOW!!.. yea oh.. never tot about that’ she was 90 yrs old.. yet still desirable to a king.. amazing.. imagine how pretty she was then.. I think God is telling me something lar.. speaking it out loud too.. so funny how this God of ours works at times.. in His humor, He makes sure it gets us through.. dun you agree.. our concerns are His too.. I was like ‘wow! Thank You for Your encouragement Lord.’ I never tot that God will ‘tell’ me, coz I think is a small case.. everyone goes thru that..and is PART OF LIFE.. yet.. He cares. And I felt so much love in it.. A coincidence?? Come on.. Get real!!

Well.. my God is the Super God.. and you should know Him too.. Specially the Christmas is around the corner.. and give you better excuse to join the church activities and experience God.. yea!!

other than this.. as Christmas is coming.. the clock is ticking faster.. yup.. one more assignment to do.. due on the 7th which is next Sunday!! And I have not doing anyting abt it.. evangelistic meetings..revival meetings.. gotong royong.. overcomers’ graduation Sunday.. the overcomers’ christmas party.. caroling.. and more and more and more.. sounds so much like a complaint?? Nah.. these are wat is ahead.. preparing myself mentally.. physically.. spiritually.. EMMANUEL..GOD WITH US!!



used to be quiet..but now QUIET NO MORE..

loving God..
loving people.. specially da Youthzz..
not forgeting Jagung(sweet corn)too..
working for God..
working for the people..specially da Youthzz..


totz of wat I wish for my Blog..
be A place ..

* to give Glory to God;
* to know me MORE
* to learn wat i've gone thru
* for encouragementz & funz
* for precious momentz
* to inspire others
* to express myself, my inner totz
... and you tell me..


"One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek HIm in His temple."
~ Psalm 27:4


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