Monday, July 7, 2008 @ 11:04 AM
Depression is addictive!?!?!?

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I like watching the news show, 新闻报报看@ AEC, 10.30pm. every weekday.
Basically the show summarized the news of the day. Besides the local, overseas news, it covers entertainment mildly too. Which, for a lazy reader like me, is good... ;-) I enjoy the show as the reporters, or the Hosts are pretty good in presenting it, not like serious- serious type of reporting, but sometimes.. it has ‘sarcasm’ in it too.. so it really show that there is ‘freedom’ in speech.. :-P.. of coz at times we need wisdom to judge. Sometimes they debate. So They are really good.. hehe (btw it is in Mandarin ya.)

So it was a few days ago, I was sitting in front of the TV, watching the show. The last part of the show is always entertainment & researches. So the hostess was saying that ‘Research shows that men, as in human, enjoy depression, they enjoy the feeling being sad & depress’

let me try to explain to you. It was said that the doctors, psychologists and those who do researches are trying to find remedy to help those who are under depression. In their findings, to our surprise, those who are under depression do not wish to come out from their depression, simply because, they have actually enjoy being depress. (I hope I get it right lar.. haha..)

eg. The patients enjoy being sad for the lost of their love ones. In their mind, there is this message telling them that ‘if you are not sad, you do not actually love them’. So, initially they are sad because of the lost, then.. they are sad because, their mind told them that they should be sad, after that.. they practically enjoy being sad, just because, they already very used to being sad. so SAD isn’t it? Of cause the show told us about our left or right brain thingy in details.. but who cares..bottom line.. we actually enjoy depression? Oh goshh…weirdo.

When I think of it, like it or not it is true lor. Thou I hate to say we are weirdo, but, ya lor.. coz ah.. I see those who fall into love-hate relationships, they actually like to dwell in it so much that at the end of the day, it became like ‘bondages’. Many young people, specially those involve in boy-girl relationship, if the relationship doesn’t work out, they either feel bad, sad, depress and feel like the whole world has failed them and became hopeless. Even to the point of death. OR. They are very fast up to the next relationships, seeking someone else to fill up that emptiness, not because they wan to be healed from sadness? but actually it is just because of something else. Something gotta do with the ‘depression’. I bet young and old alike. And of coz there are some minorities.

Speaking from experiences. The danger of being depress is as you dwelled so long in your depression, it become very part of your life. And when you decided to walk out of it.. you are having real hard time, because, tat ‘depression’ part has gone empty and you feel helpless. And it takes real courage and much effort to stand up and start walking again.

What is it like in situation like this if we have no God in our lives? Without God, there is no this ‘Ivy’ here today.

God can fill up the emptiness in us.
God is the God of Hope for the hopeless.
God brings comfort to those who mourn.
God is our strength to stand up once again.
God saves. God cares. God encourages
Thank You Lord for picking me up, cleaning me from my mess and holding me in Your hand to walk this life according to Your will. Amen!

Depression: Psychiatry. a condition of general emotional dejection and withdrawal; sadness greater and more prolonged than that warranted by any objective reason. 抑郁,使沮丧



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"One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek HIm in His temple."
~ Psalm 27:4


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